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The aunt of a California teenager who was found dead on Nov. 11 said the 16-year-old experimented with drugs and had been acting suspicious before disappearing. Trinity Backus was reported missing on Thursday, November 10, after going missing from her aunt’s house on Wednesday. Her body was discovered shortly after 2 p.m. m. Friday in a heavily forested river drainage region about a half-mile north of her residence on Kentucky Ravine Road.

who stayed at her house the night of her disappearance. She also revealed that she and her boyfriend, whom she only identified as Logan, had slept before 9:30 p.m. m., but Backus and Hannah stayed up and watched a show on TV. “Maybe [around] 9:50 [or] 10:00, Trinity comes to our back door, opens it and starts screaming,” Bjorklund said. “She says, ‘You guys need to get out of the house, it’s going to blow up, I have an open fireplace, Logan and I immediately thought the house was on fire.’ “

Trinity Backus Age

Trinity Backus was 16 years old.

Trinity Backus Casue of Death

I went out and looked but there was nothing wrong: the fire is fine, the house is fine,” Bjorklund added. “And Trinity is yelling, ‘everyone get outside, there’s radiation, I can see the radiation.'” Bjorklund said that Backus was yelling from her back porch. He then sent her boyfriend outside of her to get Backus, but she was already gone. “She came back to the house in, I don’t know, three minutes or so.

And he said, ‘Ashley, I can’t find her,’” she said. “I’m thinking, she has to be playing with us.” Backus was only wearing pajamas and socks before she disappeared, Bjorklund said. Bjorklund then called Backus’s mother, Andrea Stanio, who rushed to her home and informed the police. Officials immediately launched an investigation and questioned Hannah. ”

That’s when we found out that the girls had taken acid,” Bjorklund said. “Hannah told us they had each been hit twice with acid.” The two did not appear to be intoxicated that night, according to Bjorkland, who disputed the admission. “I’m 34 years old,” he said. “I can tell if someone is high from her pumpkin, she wasn’t high from her pumpkin.”

Clarifying, Hannah said the pair only decided to smoke from a bong after Bjorklund and Logan had gone to sleep. “That’s when it triggered the episode,” Bjorklund said. “We don’t even know if what he actually took was acid,” he added. “There is so much trash on the streets these days.

I don’t know how she died. I don’t know if she died of an overdose, I don’t know. He took off his clothes just before he passed away, I don’t know if he had hypothermia. We were screaming all over the mountain all night.” The aunt stated that her niece was not someone who regularly used drugs.

“Trinity was not a drug addict,” she said. “Trinity was a girl who decided to be an idiot and experiment and not talk to us about it.” According to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, there was “nothing suspicious” about her death. “The cause of her death is unknown,” the office added. “We have been in communication with the family and extend our deepest condolences to them as they work through this loss.”

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