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Travis Barker and Johan Wiki – Travis Barker and Johan Biography

Travis Barker’s former business partner, Johan “Yo” Esbensen, recently ended his life by suicide. The Canadian streetwear designer founded the California-based brand Rogue Status/DTA in 2005. He was reportedly struggling with mental health issues.

According to The Sun, Johan had hired Travis as an investor and partner, with the latter mentioning in his memoir that the company made “between $4 million and $10 million” in his year. Travis had posted a RIP message to his ex-partner, who committed suicide in 2021.

Travis Barker and Johan Age

Johan is 45 years old.

Incident Detail

According to the outlet, the Trust No One brand was later disbanded, but Travis revived it in December 2019. He was recently seen with his wife Kourtney Kardashian sporting a black DTA t-shirt. Meanwhile, friends and family said that Johan was struggling personally, following a failed relationship with a Victoria’s Secret model. Johan’s mother, Cattis Esbensen, a 70-year-old former Harvard-educated early intervention specialist, denied that business was a catalyst in his death. I liked 10 reasons in her diary that he wrote about and it wasn’t that.

Let’s talk about mental illness. Let’s talk about a lifetime of not feeling like you fit in with the rest of the world, like you were out of step with the rest of the world. rest of the world. Let’s talk about a failed relationship. She continued, “I want to encourage people to reach out and not turn their backs on them. I urge anyone to reach out for support if you feel like you need mental health advice.”

However, Esbenson revealed that her son was not involved in the second incarnation of DTA. She said: “Johan came back to Canada in 2019. He left Los Angeles and that whole scene probably around 2014. He couldn’t stand Los Angeles. (After that) he had nothing to do with Travis Barker. He lived in Ojai for a while and Because of other circumstances, he decided to go back to Canada. I don’t want to say anything about how it went.”

Speaking about the relationship Johan shared with Travis, Esbeson said: “I just know that relationship and that friendship fell by the wayside. Maybe they still had some contact, but I highly doubt it. I think Travis’s life took a very different direction than my son’s. The DTA push disappeared when my son left DTA.”

A source also spoke about how the business may have influenced Johan’s drastic decision. He said. “DTA was originally one of the coolest streetwear brands in the world. But once the company partnered with Travis, the focus was more on volume.” The source added that the company was selling to stores and then the 2008 economic crisis happened:

“On top of that, the company had lost its core market because fans accused it of selling out to the establishment. And I also had personal problems. He ended up moving back to Canada,” the source added. This is not the first tragedy to hit the Blink-182 drummer. On September 19, 2008, Travis was involved in a plane crash in North Carolina that left him with serious injuries and he killed his assistant and security guard. Neither pilots survived the crash.

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