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A well-known bodybuilder, Tonya Knight, recently passed away on February 7 at the age of 56. She battled cancer for a long time, which ultimately led to her death. Former co-host of the reality series America’s Next Great Trainer, Sharon Bruneau, paid tribute to Knight on Facebook by writing that the bodybuilding world has lost an incredible young woman.

Stating that Knight was an inspiration to thousands of people, he wrote: Another person named Dave Liberman, who met Tonya once, also expressed his pain on Facebook saying that she was a legend in female bodybuilding and that she produced some of the best sport routines . He revealed that people knew her as “Gold” on the American Gladiators series during the ’80s and ’90s. He continued:

Tonya Knight Age

Tonya Knight was 56 years old.

Tonya Knight  Cause of Death

Tonya Knight has established herself over the years as a popular figure in the world of bodybuilding. Twitter was flooded with tributes when people learned of her passing: Born on March 24, 1966, Tonya Knight developed an interest in volleyball during her school and college days and was also a member of her school’s volleyball team.

She saw a magazine cover featuring Rachel McLish and was inspired to build a career in the world of fitness. She started training with her brother and joined a gym. She got the top position when she first took the stage in 1983. She later moved to Venice, Italy and started participating in different bodybuilding shows.

She participated in various competitions throughout her career and competed with other famous bodybuilders, including Anja. Schrenier and Cory Everson, who emerged as the six-time Ms. Olympia winner.

In 1991, Tonya Knight won the Ms. International title, and although she participated in the same competition in 1992, she managed to take sixth place. She finished third in the Jan Tana Classic in 1993.

She also won several other competitions such as the IFBB Italian Grand Prix but withdrew in 1993. She appeared on American Gladiators which made her a famous TV personality. After a knee injury, she exited the show in the third season.

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