Tony Maudsley’s partner Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, Fast Facts

Who is the partner of Tony Maudsley, an actor from Benidorm? Information about your marriage and relationships English actor Tony is known for playing the hairdresser Kenneth Du Beke on the ITV sitcom Benidorm from 2011 to 2018.

The actor, whose birthday is January 30, 1968, began acting in 1998 when he was cast as Stefan Kiszko in the film A Life for a Life. He not only appeared in movies, but also in many small television appearances.

The actor has also appeared in a number of pantomimes, making his pantomime debut in 2016 at the Theater Royal in Nottingham as Dame Trott in Jack and the Beanstalk.

He also returned to pantomime the following year at the Swansea Grand Theatre, taking on an entirely new role as the Genie with the Lamp in Aladdin. He appeared in a different pantomime in Liverpool Empire in 2020 as Kenneth the Cabin Boy in Peter Pan.

Will Benidorm actor Tony Maudsley get engaged in 2022?

Many people look up Tony Maudsley’s marital status online to see if he has a wife or another partner. However, the actor is single.

Single, childless and living alone, Maudsley is a single man. Regarding his connections with anyone in the entertainment industry, there are no accusations.

He is very discreet with his connections. He might have had a female partner in the past. However, he hasn’t mentioned any prior endeavors, and he hasn’t been seen with any young girls either.

He hasn’t talked about his current love life yet. Since he hasn’t revealed his relationship status or posted a photo of his romantic night, let’s assume he is single and willing to go on a date. Despite his notoriety, he makes an effort to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

What kind of relationship did Tony Maudsley and Lisa George have?

Tony Maudsley, an English actor, is not related to soap opera actress Lisa George. However, Tony and Lisa are English actors.

They played together on Coronation Street. On December 9, 1960, ITV broadcast the first episode of Coronation Street, a Granada Television production. An established British soap opera.

George was nominated for a 2012 TV Choice Award for her great work on this show. In 2020, George participated in season 12 of Dancing on Ice and finished sixth.

Lisa George also played a family enabler for the Harrises after Katy killed Tommy in 2005 before appearing as Beth Sutherland in 2011.

The actor also appeared in the 14th episode of season 18 of Heartbeat, the highly respected ITV crime show. Tony Maudsley played the roles of Stephen and Stephanie in two episodes of the Sky TV show Living The Spa. He also made an appearance in Northern Lights on ITV in 2006 as “Doddy”.

Tony Maudsley, actor, and Shelley Longworth, were they dating? Is there a co-star romance?

They appeared on screen together in the British comedy show Benidorm, but Tony Maudsley, a well-known American actor, was not dating Shelley Longworth.

Fans wanted the couple to be together in real life as they enjoyed them as a relationship on the sitcom. However, neither of them made it known if they were actually dating.

Therefore, it is believed that the co-star was not romantically engaged and that the reports of their relationship are simply a hoax due to the lack of proper confirmation, action, and proof to define the relationship that Tony and Shelley shared.

Additionally, Tony appeared in the 14th episode of ITV’s popular and award-winning crime series Heartbeat’s 18th season. He plays Joshua on the sitcom Revolting People.

In episodes 5 and 6 of the third series of the well-known ITV sitcom Doc Martin, he appeared as a postman. From 2011 until the show’s end in 2018, Maudsley played hairdresser Kenneth Du Beke on the ITV Benidorm sitcom, which won multiple awards.