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A police officer went viral for all the good reasons, calling herself a “superhero” after she rescued a teenager who reportedly wanted to commit suicide. Tina Shaw bravely executed the difficult task on February 2 when the anonymous 17-year-old tried to jump off the I-40 bridge due to the sudden pressure he felt after becoming a father.

The police officer, who is part of the Memphis Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Team, has reportedly now spoken out about the incident. She told ABC 24 News: “The Spirit just led me to go there to see what was going on there and who was there,” before continuing, “I walked out and at this point, he was already over the ledge. He was hanging over the ledge and then he was finally gone completely. He turned his body towards the water”.

Tina Shaw Age

Tina Shaw is 62 years old.

Incident Detail

Shaw went on to explain: “Time was of the essence…we didn’t want him to make a false move. Hey, can I come help you? can i get you down He was crying and I saw the fear in his eyes. She was telling him that I was a mother. I think that’s what drove him home.”

The officer with 15 years of experience said that after the teen was brought to safety, it was a very emotional moment for both of them. She added: “He was crying when I helped him down. It’s as if we immediately hugged each other. Some tears rolled down my eyes while hers still flowed. He was like a mother and a son like he was my third child, my third child.”

After the successful mission, the police department shared a photo of Shaw with the teen on Facebook. The caption read: “Officer Shaw talked to him for almost 15 minutes and convinced him to hold her while she helped him to safety. After they pulled him off the ledge, they hugged and Officer Shaw told him, ‘Things will get better.’ He thanked her for being there and helping him.”

That post and several other posts praising Shaw drew a slew of positive comments, such as “Let’s not forget how many officers love her job and would (and do) give their lives every day. Clearly, many go the extra mile. Thank you MPD and Officer Shaw. A good reminder,” “THIS is what a real police officer does. Well done Officer Shaw”, “Thank you for being his hero” and “Thank you Officer Shaw for saving this young man’s life. You are a blessing to the Memphis Police Department!”

Referring to all the accolades, Shaw reportedly concluded: “People were saying I’m a superhero; I’m an angel. I really appreciate all of that. This is something I normally do every day and it goes unnoticed. I agree with that because I signed up to be a CIT officer. I just tried to show the transparency of the officers versus being a human being. I know it wasn’t me, it was God in me.”

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