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The 43-year-old suspect in a domestic violence assault, Timothy Price-Williams, reportedly refused to leave the home Saturday morning, prompting OCSO to dispatch the SRT team to the scene. Before 3 p.m., according to OCSO officials, the suspect shot the officer from outside the home. Sheriff Aden and command staff are currently with family members, according to NewsChannel 7.

Sheriff Aden was described in the sheriff’s office Facebook post as saying: “We are overwhelmed with sadness to lose Corporal Hamilton, an officer who was a ray of sunshine at OCSO, dedicated to protecting others. “As we grapple with this terrible loss of a deeply loved and respected friend, public servant and hero, we appreciate the endless stream of messages of support that have poured in for his family and co-workers.”

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Timothy Price-Williams is 54 years old.

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counterproductive, according to the sheriff’s office, and only slightly hurt. As they try to understand this tragedy, the OCSO asks the public to pray for the deputy’s family and for the OCSO. As new information becomes available, NewsChannel 7 will continue to monitor this issue and update viewers.

Oh my. I just read this. I am so heartbroken. I am very sorry for your loss. I know all of you are amazing in law enforcement. My prayers are with all of you and your family. I live in Fort Walton Beach, but am a native of Gulfport, MS… where the Bay St. Louis Police Department just lost 2 police officers this past weekend. Thanks to all of you for your services. You all are amazing. Again my heart breaks for all of you.

My condolences to Corporal Ray Hamilton and his family and all of his brothers in arms. I am so sorry for the loss of OCSD Corporal Hamilton. I pray that you all find peace and comfort in knowing that his brother in arms lies safe in the arms of our loving Jesus Christ and watches over all his brothers. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. RIP CAPE RAY HAMILTON. PRAYERS FOR ALL OF YOU. God bless you all and keep you safe from harm.

Such a senseless act on the part of a very selfish man. A senseless loss to the Corporal Hamilton family, who, like you, were looking forward to Christmas morning. A tragic loss to his family, the OCSO, his community and his friends. There are no right words to say right now. Hamilton family, you will be in our thoughts and prayers in the days and months ahead. I am heartbroken and saddened by the loss of this officer.

From a daughter who had a mother who was a battered wife and she would run to the neighbors at 7 or 8 years old and ask them to call the POLICE to save my mommy. I AM VERY SAD at the loss of this officer’s life. You sir, he was a true hero. All of you Men and Women in Blue, as well as the Special Response teams, Swat, First Responders, EMS, Firefighters, Doctors and Nurses, ARE TRUE HEROES…

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU. AGAIN I PRAY THAT GOD WATCHES OVER ALL OF YOU. My condolences to the officer’s family and his brothers and sisters at OCSD. Devastating My condolences to this hero’s family, friends and colleagues. Such an absolute shame. May the law be swift and just, and may the loathsome murderer be held accountable for his actions.

This angers me beyond belief! I am tired and deeply heartbroken that cops keep dying! The police returning fire must take better aim so the evil suspect sees Jesus! God rest the officer’s soul! Prayers and love to all who know him.

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