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Thomas Patrick Houston, a Californian, won his DUI case arguing that he had to drive drunk to “get away from two angry women” when his wife discovered his affair. Houston, 60, of Ukiah, was charged with two counts of DUI in August 2022, and on Friday, February 3, he appeared in Mendocino County Superior Court. Houston attorney Albert J.

Kubanis allegedly stated in court documents that it was a “need” for Houston to drive at a BAC of 0.11 since he was “being attacked by two angry women, one of whom was his wife.” “, as reported by DailyMail. Houston and his wife Lara were “temporarily living apart due to marital difficulties,” according to court documents obtained by DailyMail.

Thomas Patrick Houston Age

Thomas Patrick Houston is 65 years old.

Incident Detail

When Lara, 61, saw him in her bed with her neighbor Ann Landauer, a fight broke out. Landauer had been sheltering her llamas on the couple’s property, known as McNab Ranch. On the day of the incident, Landauer had contacted Lara to tell her that she “would like to visit her to see how her llamas are doing,” which Lara arranged through her husband, the DailyMail reported.

When Landauer arrived at the ranch, he recommended going to Hopland to buy alcohol for her and Houston. They got drunk on the way back to the ranch and began to engage in sexual activities. Lara had access to CCTV footage of the house on her phone, which she reviewed regularly.

She initially noted on the video that Landauer and her husband were drinking, but she didn’t give it much thought. She looked back at the video and noted that the house seemed unusually quiet. After that, she drove to the house, where she discovered that the two were “engaging in sexual activity” in the guest room.

Court documents stated that Landauer was “completely naked” while Houston was caught with his “head between Ann’s legs” while wearing a “t-shirt and underpants,” DilMail reported. When the two saw Lara walk into the room, they “jumped out of bed.” In a fit of rage, Lara began “hitting Tommy with her hands.”

Houston hurried out of the room and headed for her truck. Later, both women were furious with Houston and ran outside, where Landauer began throwing rocks at him and her truck. Kubanis testified that Houston was driving while intoxicated because he was “forced to leave his residence under duress, causing him to drive while intoxicated,” according to the DailyMail.

Houston continued to drive another 200 yards before stopping and falling asleep. After a few hours, the Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol arrested him for showing up “intoxicated” at 2:10 am. In September, Thomas pleaded not guilty; after a four-day jury trial, he was found not guilty.

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