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Terri Brooks, a night manager at a Roy Rogers restaurant in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, was discovered dead in February 1984 after being savagely assaulted, stabbed, and strangled. The victim’s purse’s contents fell out when the business’s safe was left unlocked and empty. Before they made a breakthrough, law enforcement struggled with the case for nearly 15 years.

Authorities were able to connect the 25-year-old victim’s fiance Alfred Scott Keefe to the killing using DNA evidence recovered under Brooks’ fingernails. Following his confession, Keefe was accused of first-degree murder and robbery. The murder of Terri Brooks, which occurred decades ago, will be featured in an episode of ID’s A Time to Kill dubbed Fast Food Cold Justice. The episode’s synopsis is as follows:

Terri Brooks Age

Terri Brooks was 79 years old.

Terri Brooks  Cause of Death

This Thursday, April 6, at 9 p.m. ET, the channel will broadcast the brand-new episode. In February 1984, Terri Brooks, then 25 years old, was the manager of the Roy Rogers in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, when she was brutally attacked there. When her worried fiancé Alfred Scott Keefe arrived at the home early on February 4 to alert her family that her car wasn’t in the driveway, her family observed that she hadn’t come home.

According to reports, Brooks was last observed by her family while she was leaving the house the night before for her job. When they called her place of employment, they learned that she had been murdered and that her boss had discovered her dead inside the locked restaurant after opening at 6 am, next to the kitchen. The management then reported the finding to law enforcement.

Terri Brooks’ body was discovered at the scene of the murder near the kitchen with a butcher knife sticking out of her neck. A trash can liner was wrapped around her face, suffocating her. When it was placed over her head, the wetness from her breath indicated that she was still alive.

Her strangulation was confirmed by an autopsy. All over her body, especially the handprints around her neck, were numerous black and blue bruises. Additionally, her head was repeatedly slammed on the concrete floor, severely bleeding her brain. She only became paralysed as a result of the stab wounds, which is why the official cause of death was asphyxiation.

The victim’s pocketbook overflowed close to her body while she was still wearing her winter coat. The safe was empty and open, and about $2,500 had been taken. The drive-thru window was only partially open when her manager arrived at the restaurant that morning, according to what she also told the investigators.

The victim and her assailant fought each other during the burglary, according to the crime scene.Steve Daley, a former Marine and one of the restaurant’s cooks whom Terri Brooks had recently fired after he threw a temper tantrum in the kitchen and called her “a bitch,” was initially suspected by police. Later, in order to “annoy” her, he went back to the restaurant as a patron. Daley’s alibi was tenuous, but he passed the polygraph and, like all the other employees, was cleared of suspicion despite this.

However, after the case went cold for nearly 14 years, a crucial piece of evidence—skin tissue from close to a defensive wound on the underside of Terri Brooks’ right ring finger—was utilised to identify the murderer. Prior to then, investigators chased down fruitless leads and even thought a serial murderer was responsible for the attacks on two female restaurant employees who had been attacked in unconnected situations.

Years later, DNA from the victim’s body matched a sample taken from Alfred Scott Keefe, Brooks’ then-fiancé, who had smoked cigarettes. After failing a polygraph examination, he eventually admitted to the crime. Keefe acknowledged that he killed Brooks out of rage because she wanted to end their relationship.

He then staged the crime scene to make it appear as though a heist gone wrong. First-degree murder and robbery were the charges brought against Keefe after his arrest in February 1999. The next year, he entered a guilty plea and was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

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