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A 37-year-old man who kidnapped a 4-year-old girl from her family’s store and held her hostage for 18 days has been sentenced to 13 years and six months in jail. Terence Darrell Kelly entered a plea of guilty to one count of unlawfully kidnapping Cleo Smith in January 2022. Before being eligible for parole, he must serve at least 11 years and six months in jail.

On October 16, 2021, Cleo was reported missing when Kelly kidnapped her from a tent at Blowholes Camp, close to Carnarvon, about 960 km north of Perth. When the kidnapper visited the camp in search of things to take, the youngster was sleeping alongside her mother Ellie Smith and stepfather Jake Gliddon.

Terence Kelly Age

Terence Kelly is 37 years old.

Terence Kelly Incident Detail

He said that he took Cleo away from her at the first available opportunity, scooping her up with the sleeping bag and taking her to her car in “relative stillness” without her asleep parents noticing her. Morning Mail. On Wednesday, April 5, Julie Wager, Chief Judge of the WA District Court, said in a Perth court that Kelly had a severe and complex personality disorder and had injected methylamphetamine into her system the night she kidnapped the boy.

The court also learned how she concealed Cleo from her at her Carnarvon residence, where she overheard her parents frantically searching for her on the radio.Kelly modified the door and confined the girl in a bedroom for 18 days, leaving her home frequently for extended periods of time as he went shopping and visited her  relatives.Kelly then admitted to the police that he frequently became upset with Cleo because of her and that he had repeatedly “roughed her up” when she became obnoxious by demanding chocolate.

She allegedly made an attempt to tie the terrified girl’s hands and ankles to a chair using duct tape but gave up because “she was a bit of a feisty.” “You know, I didn’t intend to live with her forever. Judge Wager quotes Kelly as saying, “I felt guilty every day and it was more of a weight on my shoulders,” in a police interview. It is also revealed that Kelly utilised a loud radio to muffle Cleo’s cries for her parents despite her repeated begs.

According to the Daily Mail, when the little girl heard her name being called on the radio, she said, “They’re calling my name,” according to Judge Wager. Kelly short-cut and pink-dyed Cleo’s hair during the course of the 18-day struggle. Authorities later learned that the hijacker had been injecting meth at the time, including right before landing at the Blowholes camp.

The judge claimed that he had expressed “significant interest” in the dolls and Facebook pages with “fantasy children.” During sentencing, Judge Wager spoke to Kelly’s challenging childhood, complex personality, and developmental issues. She conceded that Kelly committing the crime would have been “much less likely” if she hadn’t been drugged. The terror, agony, and trauma endured by Cleo and her parents were deemed “immeasurable” by Judge Wager.”

It would have been very traumatic,” she added, “eighteen days with no contact and no explanation, and with hours completely alone and no access to the outside world.” “18 days is a very, very long time in a four-year-old’s world.” Police Commissioner Colonel Blanch referred to Cleo’s rescue as the “greatest moment in WA Police history” when reflecting on the 18-day hunt for her.

The commissioner told ABC that “this is a really important day for the family to come together.” “What everyone must keep in mind is that more than 500 days have passed since this incident.The family will be affected greatly by this and will in many ways be brought back to those memories and emotions. Over a hundred police officers participated in Taskforce Rodia, a manhunt set up to find Cleo.

A $1 million reward has been offered by the Western Australian government for information regarding Cleo’s whereabouts. The search for Cleo was successful on November 3, 2021. When asked her name by police after being discovered playing with toy cars in a closed room, the girl responded, “My name is Cleo,” as seen on police body cams.

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