Ted Cruz News: Ted Cruz Not Expecting VP Nod From Trump, What Happened to Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz News

In a surprising turn of events, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz faced a second round of protests outside his Houston home by a raucous group of anti-Israel demonstrators. The incident unfolded on Saturday morning, marking the second time within a week that Cruz’s residence became the focal point of such protests.

Ted Cruz News
Ted Cruz News

Ted Cruz News

Texas Senator Ted Cruz took to social media to address the situation, expressing his frustration with the ongoing protests. In a post on Saturday morning, Cruz stated, “For the [2nd] time this week, anti-Israel protestors have come to my house early in the morning, waking up the neighbors & harassing my family.

None expressed concern about Hamas’ Oct 7 murder of over 1200 or mass rapes of women & children.” The senator added, “I’m proud to stand with Israel.”

Protest Footage and Disturbing Signs

Footage shared online, captured from Cruz’s front door, depicted a group of around a dozen protesters holding signs and shouting anti-Israel chants. One sign featured an image of Cruz’s head above a red heart with the words “dead kids” listed below, while another read, “STOP FUNDING GENOCIDE.”

The protesters, most of whom were shaking bells, chanted slogans like “Ted Cruz, you will see, Palestine will be free” and “Ted Cruz, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide.”

In response to the protests, Cruz shared a Jewish solidarity anthem, writing, “Am Yisrael Chai!” which translates to “The people of Israel live.”

What Happened to Ted Cruz?

Since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7, Senator Cruz has been a vocal supporter of Israel’s efforts. He has taken specific actions to address concerns related to a U.S.-based nonprofit supporting the United Nations refugee agency for Palestinians, UNRWA.

What Happened To Ted Cruz
What Happened To Ted Cruz

Letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland

Cruz, along with his Republican colleagues, sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland outlining concerns about the nonprofit’s alleged ties to Hamas. The letter urged the Department of Justice (DOJ) to open a criminal investigation into the nonprofit, its principals, and its leadership for knowingly providing material support to foreign terrorist organizations, including Hamas.

Cruz’s Stance on UNRWA

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Cruz emphasized his stance on UNRWA, stating, “UNRWA has been providing material support to Hamas terrorists for decades, and UNRWA USA has been bankrolling that support.” He further highlighted the need for a criminal investigation into potential violations of American anti-terrorism laws.

The repeated protests outside Ted Cruz’s home and his unwavering support for Israel have drawn attention to the complex dynamics surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict. As the situation unfolds, Cruz continues to advocate for a robust response to alleged ties between certain organizations and terrorist activities.

The aftermath of these events remains a subject of interest, reflecting the ongoing debates surrounding the Middle East conflict.

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