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A Florida woman who allegedly murdered and dismembered a 25-year-old man last February physically assaulted her lawyer while in court for a jurisdictional hearing. In video obtained by ABC 7, Taylor Schabusiness, 25, is seen lashing out at her attorney Quinn Jolly in a Brown County courtroom. He tries to restrain her when a nearby deputy steps in and manages to knock Schabusiness to the ground.

She tries to break free of her by sliding back and then wraps her legs around her helper. Two more officers enter, and Schabusiness is then seen sitting against a wall before the officers escort her out. More officers were called to the courtroom during the altercation, ABC affiliate WBAY reported. An officer said through a scanner: “They need a code three in branch two, fighting with Schabusiness.” Later, Schabusiness asked what happened, and the agents told him, “You got mad at your lawyer, Taylor. You went crazy with your lawyer.” ”, according to WBAY.

Taylor Schabusinesses Age

Taylor Schabusinesses is 24 years old.

Incident Detail

Before the attack, Jolly asked a judge for a two-week extension for a defense expert to speak on whether Schabusiness has jurisdiction to stand trial. The judge decided to delay the trial until May, and Tuesday’s jurisdiction hearing was postponed until March 6, the date Schabusiness’s trial was supposed to begin, WBAY reported. Jolly’s law firm, Brabazon Law Office, LLC, tells PEOPLE that she is unable to make a statement about the incident for legal reasons.

Jolly requested to withdraw from the case, according to WHBY. Schabusiness, who was previously charged with first-degree intentional manslaughter, mutilation of a corpse and third-degree sexual assault, will plead not guilty by reason of insanity, according to NBC 26 in northeast Wisconsin. She has had several evaluations to see if she is mentally fit for trial.

At about 3 a.m. m. On February 23, 2022, police responded to a call after the mother of Shad Thyrion discovered the severed head of her son in a bucket in the basement. A criminal complaint obtained by PEOPLE at the time said police found Schabusiness at her home, where she had dried blood on her clothing. In her truck, they also allegedly located a crate of clay pots containing what the complaint claimed were “additional human body parts, including legs.”

She allegedly told Green Bay police that she and Thyrion smoked methamphetamine while spending the day together. Back at Thyrion’s mother’s residence, the police recovered her head and a “male organ” in her bucket and, in a separate storage bag, her upper torso. They also recovered knives. Police said they believe Thyrion was strangled before her body was mutilated, according to Schabusiness’s alleged account.

She allegedly told police that she did not intend to kill him, but she enjoyed the suffocation and continued to do so, according to the complaint. “Schabusiness responded that the police were going to have fun trying to find all the organs while dismembering the body,” according to the complaint, which adds: “Schabusiness claimed that he used knives he obtained from the residence’s kitchen and that a bread knife worked better because of the serrated blade.”

“The alleged facts are extremely troubling and disturbing and relate to the serious and violent nature of the offense,” Assistant District Attorney Caleb Saunders said in court last year; the bonus for Schabusiness was set at $2 million in cash, WBAY-TV reported. In his obituary, Thyrion was described as someone who “enjoyed camping, playing and spending time with his family. He was a very kind and compassionate person who often thought of others before himself.”

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