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The body of a missing 2-year-old boy was discovered in an alligator’s mouth on Friday night in a lake near St. Petersburg, Florida, according to authorities. A multi-day search for Taylen Mosley, whose mother was killed earlier this week inside their house in what police characterised as a “very vicious homicide,” ended with the devastating finding.

Taylen Mosley’s body was discovered, St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway announced in a news release. “It is with tremendous sadness that I have to inform you of this. My sympathies go out to his family. After learning that the boy’s mother, Pashun Jeffrey, 20, had been cruelly slain, the hunt was launched on Thursday afternoon.

Taylen Mosley Age

Taylen Mosley was 02 years old.

Taylen Mosley Cause of Death

Around 2:30 pm on Thursday, there was a disturbance at the Fourth Street North Lincoln Shores Apartment Complex, so police were called. When they arrived, first responders claim to have discovered Jeffrey dead but Mosley had vanished. The youngster “may be in danger,” according to police.

Taylen Mosley was sought after using all available resources, according to the SPPD. Several local, state, and federal organisations also helped with the hunt. Police were able to track down information that took them to three different places in Pinellas County, including Lake Maggiore, a sizable public lake with a 362-acre surface area that bears the name of the longest lake in Italy.

Drones and dive teams were used in the search operations. According to Holloway, who spoke at a news conference on Friday night and was quoted by the Associated Press, cops eventually noticed the alligator’s presence “with an object in its mouth.” Shots were fired at the animal that dropped the boy’s body after police determined the object was indeed a child’s body.

Eventually, the alligator was put to death. The police chief declared, “We were able to remove Taylen’s body intact. According to Holloway, she and Mosley were last seen by Jeffrey’s family at their apartment on Wednesday at around 5:30 p.m. According to authorities, after making numerous attempts to contact her daughter and grandson, Jeffrey’s mother called the flat manager on Thursday afternoon to ask him to check on them.

After finding the woman’s body, the manager dialled 911. One neighbour told police that she heard a disturbance coming from Jeffrey’s house on Wednesday night but chose not to call the police when officers started talking to other tenants, according to Holloway.

Authorities have not revealed the boy’s cause of death. His cause of death will be determined through an autopsy. According to Holloway, Thomas Mosley, the father of the boy, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder for allegedly killing both his son and the mother of his child.

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