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The last episode of American Monster, which aired on January 8, 2023, covered the brutal murder of Tammy Gardner, who was beaten to death inside her home by an angry ex-boyfriend. Gardner’s case dates back to 2009 when Clifford Wright bludgeoned her 40-year-old mother to death a few days after her breakup.

This was right after Clifford stalked and harassed her extensively. Gardner’s murder was one of the events that shocked Wilmington. Here are five chilling facts from the intriguing case. It seems that Tammy and Clifford seemed to be on the wrong end of the lover spectrum for quite some time before the murder took place.

Tammy Gardner Age

Tammy Gardner was 54 years old.

Tammy Gardner  Cause of Death

They allegedly fought often, and on occasion, Tammy even kicked her boyfriend out of her house. Tammy’s children, who resided with them, testified to this fact. Clifford remained obsessed with Tammy Gardner despite what appeared to be a change of circumstances.

Wright, for example, made 35 calls to Ms. Gardner the night she asked him to leave her. This went on for quite a while. Clifford allegedly continued to call Gardner many times a day for the next few days He also tried to maintain a strong relationship with her one way or another.

The more rapid transition of the case from Clifford’s growing fixation to stalking and stalking, which made Tammy Gardner fear for her safety, was one of the scariest aspects. Clifford began trying to ruin Gardner’s life after she informed him that she intended to cut all ties with him.

He even called her ex-husband to inform her that she was using drugs and that she was not fit to be a mother. He also followed her to a bar that he visited with friends. At her ex-husband’s insistence, Tammy called the police and Clifford was arrested for stalking that night.

Almost a week after the breakup that inadvertently turned things around, Tammy sent her children to her father’s house because she was hysterical about everything that was going on with Clifford. Sadly, this was the last time the children would see her mother alive. Clifford Wright broke into Tammy’s house that night and crept up to where Tammy and her friend Gabrielli were sleeping.

He proceeded to beat them to death with a hammer or baseball bat. Evidence suggests that they were killed in their sleep as they had no defensive wounds on their body. The exact events of the night are unclear, but evidence suggests that Clifford was dropped off at an entry point while he was in the house earlier.

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