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Single mother of four Tami Chmielewski, who suffered 30 per cent severe burns in a horrific bonfire incident a month ago, has declared a competition with her 1-year-old granddaughter to see who can walk first before the wedding of his son.

The 51-year-old was on vacation in Minnesota celebrating the wedding of his best friend’s son on August 27 when the incident occurred. Guests were surrounding a nightly bonfire when the flames ignited and Tami’s clothes caught fire.

Tami Chmielewski Age

Tami Chmielewski is 57 years old.

Incident Detail

Tami is determined to walk her son down the aisle at his wedding next spring. Brooklyn Hardwick, who is Tami’s daughter and the mother of the toddler, told PEOPLE that she sends daily videos of the child’s progress to Tami “it just reminds my mom why she’s still fighting and why she has to live.” .
Brooklyn said, “We’ve really been trying to stay positive and lean on God and our faith and know that there’s a plan and something good will come out of it, and he’s got us and he’s got her, and he’s watching over everyone.” us,” adding, “my mom remains optimistic and eager to continue to get stronger and recover.

Tami sustained serious injuries to her torso and both legs. According to her daughter Brooklyn, an ambulance took the 51-year-old woman to the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, where she had to undergo graft surgery with skin cut from her back, thighs and buttocks. .

According to People, doctors have told the family that Tami needs at least six months of physical therapy to recover. The family set up a GoFundMe page to seek help with the costs of a medical flight to get Tami back to Arizona, where she lives with her teenage son and Brooklyn’s sister. However, she will remain under the care of her current medical team in Minneapolis, which is the home of Tami’s older sister.

Brooklyn, who is also a registered nurse, said: “She hasn’t seen herself and she was really worried that we would see her, of course,” adding: “It felt really good to reconnect with her and be face to face.” . -face and being able to hold her hand and tell her we love her.”

Tami, who is divorced and works for a small company that does restoration work, also thanked her supporters on Tuesday, September 20 for the first time since the incident. She said, “thank you all for the prayers and well wishes… please don’t stop. You are more appreciated than you think.” In the meantime, Brooklyn said, “the doctors, the nurses and the physical therapists have all been amazing.”

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