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A woman from Israel has blamed a US Secret Service specialist for seriously assaulting her ahead of President Joe Biden’s July 13 visit to the country. Tamar Ben-Haim spoke to Fox News Digital recently about the alleged attack. He recounted that when he was on his way to her house from the house of a classmate of hers, a “big man” unexpectedly appeared in front of her and began beating her.

The event reportedly occurred after 12:00 pm on Monday, July 11, on a major and busy street in a private area of ??Jerusalem. She was wearing headphones and inspecting her phone at the time. “Before I knew what was happening, I felt a strong blow to my face and he quickly started hitting me in the chest,” Ben-Haim explained.

The man allegedly kept chasing her “over and over again”, treating her like a “punching bag”. Evidently she didn’t stop there. Ben-Haim added that he felt more fear when he saw the man carrying a gun in a holster. She was totally stunned, she commented. He was so strong. She couldn’t safeguard me in the slightest. He told myself, “You won’t take this.” You have reached the end of your life.

Fortunately, a nearby observer shouted in English and “finally knew how to lock her assailant in and save her from his clutches” after professing to know her mental assailant. The 30-year-old woman claimed that she ran from the area as fast as she could and also called the local police, who advised her to return to the scene and take photos of the specialist, which she did and provided to the police. .

Ben-Haim, however, claimed that the police never caught up with her in the future. A couple of days before Biden’s visit to Israel, he added, reports abounded that a delegate of the US president “was momentarily held by Israeli specialists after a ‘real experience'” and was expelled from Israel. return to the US; in any case, she couldn’t tell if this was the individual she guaranteed had attacked her.

However, she eventually found out after the Israeli TV station Arutz 13 contacted her for a meeting. She claimed that the news source had made it clear to her that the litigant worked for the Secret Service Counter Strike Team and was in the country carrying out the actual responsibilities prior to Biden’s visit.

“The moment I found out what his identity was, I felt more hurt and angry,” Ben-Haim said. He is not a road bum. He has combat experience. He went on to claim that US agents did not contact her about the case. The Israeli police told him that the man had been returned, but he did not elaborate further.

Ben-Haim continued to censure the American organization, saying: “You can go to another country, beat someone almost to death, and then disappear to no avail. This individual is not a resident of an emerging country. He works for the president, and the United States is the world model. They just returned it to its initial stage as if nothing had happened, and anticipate that I should continue with my life.

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