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During this year’s Super Bowl, Damar Hamlin and the medical staff received a tax award. However, netizens were more interested in the letter jacket she was wearing, designed by Takashi Murakami. Due to the controversial symbolism of the garment, netizens expressed their disappointment online.

Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest and collapsed during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals last month. His heart reportedly stopped beating until medical personnel recovered him. During this year’s NFL, they recognized medical staff from the Cincinnati Bengals, the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and the athlete himself. Buffalo Bills security took the stage to “thank God for being here.”

Takashi Murakami Age

Takashi Murakami is 61 years old.

Incident Detail

Damar Hamlin was seen wearing a green and blue jacket with a crucifix-shaped symbol on the back. The word “eternal” was also seen on the back of the jacket just above a figure of the cross, whose face looked anguished and creepy. Other words on the jacket included: “holy youth” and “without end and without beginning there is neither day nor night.” Internet users were infuriated by the garment, as it appeared “satanic”.

Twitter user Xx17965797N went viral after revealing that Takashi Murakami’s jacket was titled “Travis Jesus.” According to the netizen, the piece allegedly referred to Travis Scott’s “satanic ritual” at Astroworld, where several people died in a stampede.

The platform user also revealed that Scott was inspired by the jacket to create a “rhinestone-encrusted pendant.” The garment in question costs $3,150. Netizens were disgusted with the athlete wearing the jacket. Damar Hamlin was quick to rack up a backlash online. Some reactions say:

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