Sports Illustrated Brittany Mahomes: Brittany Mahomes Swimsuit Si Debut and Sizzling Photos

Brittany Mahomes, the dynamic force behind women’s sports, has taken a plunge into a new arena—Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. The announcement of her SI Swimsuit debut for the 60th-anniversary issue, set to be released in May, has created ripples across the sports and fashion landscape.

Let’s dive into the details of Brittany Mahomes’ sizzling SI photos and the empowering journey that led her to this moment.

Brittany Mahomes
Brittany Mahomes

Sports Illustrated Brittany Mahomes

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit recently revealed its latest addition to the 2024 rookie lineup, and it’s none other than Brittany Mahomes, the dynamic force behind women’s sports. The announcement comes just days before the Super Bowl LVIII, adding to the excitement surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs.

The magazine’s 60th-anniversary issue, set for release in May, promises to showcase Brittany in stunning swimwear captured against the backdrop of San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize.

“Brittany emerges as the epitome of a modern-day powerhouse. Founder of the world’s first-ever dedicated stadium for women’s sports, Brittany’s journey has surpassed all expectations, inspiring others with her tenacity and unyielding determination.

We are proud to welcome her to the SI Swimsuit family where she will undoubtedly continue to empower women worldwide,” expresses Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editor-in-chief MJ Day.

Brittany Mahomes Swimsuit Si Debut

Beyond the glamorous pages of Sports Illustrated, Brittany Mahomes is a multifaceted individual. She owns the Kansas City Current NWSL team and is the visionary behind the CPKC Stadium, the first soccer stadium exclusively built for a women’s professional sports team, set to open later this year in Kansas City, Missouri.

Since retiring from soccer in 2017, Mahomes has embraced roles as a certified fitness trainer and a devoted mother to her two children, Sterling and Bronze, shared with her husband, Patrick Mahomes. The Mahomes family even graced the Skims’ Holiday campaign in 2022.

In a recent interview, Brittany emphasizes the importance of self-confidence and authenticity. “Be confident in who you are and be unapologetically yourself. People are going to love you or hate you, but finding your values and what makes you ‘you’ to be the best version of yourself is what really matters,” she says.

Brittany Mahomes Sports Illustrated Photos

Brittany Mahomes Illustrated Photos
Brittany Mahomes Illustrated Photos

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and Brittany’s husband, applauds her resilience. “She was an athlete growing up. If you played any sports, you know [there are] as many people that enjoy how you play and the effort that you give [as] people that are always going to hate on you. And so she has a good sense of that,” he shares.

While the full SI Swimsuit gallery is yet to be unveiled, a behind-the-scenes video captures Brittany’s stunning looks in various swimsuits, from frilly two-pieces to teeny bikinis topped with a knitted cowboy hat—a nod to her Texas roots. The shoot, orchestrated by photographer Derek Kettela in Belize, promises fiery swimwear that showcases Brittany’s confidence and individuality.


“I think I align perfectly with SI Swimsuit’s vision because I am unapologetically always myself in any setting,” Brittany asserts. “I want women to feel empowered to always be yourself, love yourself, and feel confident in whatever you do, and I think SI Swimsuit does, too.”

As Brittany Mahomes gears up for her SI Swimsuit debut, she stands not only as a symbol of empowerment but also as a testament to breaking boundaries in the world of sports and fashion. Stay tuned for the much-anticipated release of the 60th-anniversary issue in May, featuring Brittany Mahomes in all her splendor.

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