Speaker Knockerz Heart Attack: What Happened to Speaker Knockerz?

Speaker Knockerzs Heart Attack

Speaker Knockerz’s Heart Attack

Nearly a decade after the untimely death of Speaker Knockerz, the 19-year-old’s influence continues to reverberate throughout the music industry. In a recent interview, Mesha Wilson, also known as Mama Knockerz, shed light on her son’s unwavering dedication to his craft.

Speaker Knockerzs Heart Attack
Speaker Knockerzs Heart Attack

Addressing speculations surrounding his death, she emphasized that a significant portion of reports has been inaccurate, stating, “95 percent of the things that they say is not true. My son did not die of any type of drug substance or anything like that, and he did not have a heart attack.”

A Mother’s Defense Against Speculation

Mesha Wilson expressed her frustration with the misinformation circulating about Speaker Knockerz’s demise. During the Drea O Show discussion, she highlighted that the toxicology report did not support the rumors surrounding his death.

Wilson firmly asserted, “None of the stuff that they’re saying out there is the truth.” She remains steadfast in her stance, indicating that the details of that period in her son’s life are not something she’s prepared to delve into at this time.

Nurturing Artistic Roots

Looking back on Speaker Knockerz’s early years, Wilson reminisced about his profound love for the creative process. She credited his time spent with his father, a musician and producer, as instrumental in shaping his artistic development. This unique father-son bond became a crucial factor in Speaker Knockerz’s journey towards becoming a notable figure in the music scene.

Despite Speaker Knockerz’s undeniable talent and a substantial catalog comprising 53 YouTube videos and 49 iTunes tracks, he never reached his full potential due to a lack of a major label signing. Reports indicate negotiations with Atlantic and Universal Republic were in progress, but his untimely death abruptly halted these promising prospects.

What Happened to Speaker Knockerz?

Speaker Knockerz’s life came to a sudden and tragic end on March 4th, 2014. Discovered by police and his father in his garage, he was found holding his chest next to his Chevy Camaro—an emblem of his success earned through beat sales.

What Happened To Speaker Knockerz
What Happened To Speaker Knockerz

His mother, Mesha Wilson, posted on Facebook days before his body was found, expressing concern for his whereabouts. Sadly, her fears were confirmed when Speaker Knockerz was pronounced dead at just 19 years old.

Heart Attack Amidst Rumors

Coroner Gary Watts of the Richland County Coroner’s Office confirmed that no foul play was suspected, and there were no signs of trauma when Speaker Knockerz’s body was discovered. Despite initial speculation, the official cause of death was ruled as a heart attack. However, questions lingered about how a 19-year-old could suffer such a tragic fate.

Rumors circulated that Speaker Knockerz’s heart attack might have been linked to lean, a concoction of codeine and soda commonly known as “purple drank.” This mixture, notorious for its addictive nature, is known to slow heart rate and breathing.

The music world mourned the loss of a promising talent, and the circumstances surrounding Speaker Knockerz’s untimely demise continue to be a subject of interest and speculation. As his mother, Mesha Wilson, remains vigilant in setting the record straight, the legacy of Speaker Knockerz endures, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape.

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