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Frankie Underwood, Sheryl Underwood’s younger sister, is her older sister’s guardian and was born with polio. The American comedian spends most of her time and effort caring for and supporting her sister who has polio. A potentially fatal and crippling condition caused by the poliovirus is poliomyelitis, sometimes known as polio disability.

American actress and comedian Sheryl Underwood. The television personality is best recognized for winning two BET Awards: the Golden Mic Viewers’ Choice Award from the Comedy Awards in 2005 and Funniest Female Comedian on Comic View in 1994.

The comedian has appeared as a guest on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner morning show. Later in 2010, the comedian left the show to appear on Steve Harvey’s morning show.

More details on Sheryl Underwood’s sister Frankie’s polio disability

Sheryl Underwood has a sister named Frankie who has had polio since she was a little girl. Frankie is Sheryl’s older sister. The potentially fatal polio virus was the cause of her sister’s disability.

The comedian now takes care of her older sister, Frankie, and spends most of her time helping her.

The comedian fought a lot with her mother when she was a child. She claims that her mother once stabbed her father for getting too close to her.

The comedian grew up with her brother Michael and sister Frankie, who was paralyzed by polio. Sheryl herself also had a twin sister, however, it is rumored that she passed away shortly after birth.

The comedian joined the US Air Force after college and served two years in the reserves. As the first female finalist on the Miller Lite Comedy Search in 1987, Sheryl gained notoriety in the comedy community.

How did Sheryl Underwood lose weight? Your weight loss journey

The talk show host began to gain weight and eventually became obese. Sheryl Underwood leads a very busy life while taking care of her sister and working as a TV personality.

She found it difficult to balance her career, her sister’s caregiving duties, and her health. However, she persisted, fighting her weight until she was able to lose 50 pounds.

Sheryl revealed in an interview that she met with a certified personal trainer to help her lose extra weight. As a result, she changed her nutrition strategy and joined a gym to speed up the weight loss process.

The comedian changed her previous eating habits and started eating healthy food, limiting her daily caloric intake to 1800 calls. Her physical appearance was significantly affected by the change in her diet.

Sheryl joined a gym and started aerobics because she wanted to lose more fat. She also goes for a morning walk early in the day.

After modifying her eating and exercise routines, Underwood’s weight dropped from 200 pounds to 155 pounds in a matter of weeks.

Tragic death of Sheryl Underwood’s husband, Michael

In 1987, Sheryl Underwood married Michael, the love of her life. Her husband worked as a chef and was excellent.

Unfortunately, the chef suffered from severe depression. He killed himself after three years of marriage because he couldn’t take it anymore, according to People.

Before her death in 1990, the comedian and her husband Michale enjoyed a happy marriage. Michael’s age at the time of his death is not mentioned in any public records. We know that Sheryl was 26 years old at the time. October 28 marks Sheryl’s 59th birthday.

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