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Shanteari Weems’ better half, James Weems, was shot at a hotel after she confronted him about a child attack at her daycare after other complaints.

James is Shanteari’s spouse; two or three have been hooked for a long time. Their marriage hit a rough patch when Shanteari tried to kill him last week in a lodging at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

GoFundMe: Shanteari Weems Child Care Worker Many people view Shanteari Weems as a legend. Before being removed from the site, the “Backing For Shanteari Weems” GoFundMe lobby had raised more than $3,000 in giveaways.

Similarly, allies are using the hashtag #FreeShanteariWeems to send messages on Twitter and TikTok, with some asking how they can respond to Weems’ legal charges and others requesting that she be released from jail.

According to WUSA9, twelve Weems allies crowded into the DC Better Court virtual courtroom to watch the preliminary in the expectation that Weems would be turned over.

Additionally, Qiana Johnson let WUSA9 know that she complained to specialists but received no response. She also added that our public and the government refused to protect her or the children.

Additionally, Weems had recalled an expression of remorse for the children over her diary, which police described as a casual last will. According to Weems’ attorney, Joseph Fay, he and his co-counsel are “hoping to give Ms. Weems overwhelming protection.”

Shanteari Weems Shot James Weems: Where is she? As reported by The Washington Post, Shanteari is currently charged with assault with intent to kill, assault with a dangerous weapon and firearm without a license, and liability for an unregistered weapon. James is supposed to live.

The shooting happened when the couple was fighting.

According to Fox5, Shanteari decided to challenge James about the attack of a boy in her daycare after receiving other objections from guardians, and things immediately took a turn for the worse.

The incident occurred around 7:40 pm in a room on the eighth floor of the luxury accommodation located in the 1300 block of Maryland Avenue SW, near the Tidal Basin, and required the exit of visitors and workers after the police guaranteed that Shanteari Weems did not leave the room.

After an extensive discussion, the policemen could enter the room and capture the owner of the daycare center for shooting her better half. She has admitted that she shot James.

James reportedly did not take the lead action and was shot by Shanteari for protection, however she is due in court today.

Shanteari Weems’ husband, James S. Weems Jr. Several have been married for more than five years, but he seems, by all accounts, to be experiencing problems.

Shanteari runs a daycare center in the Baltimore area, and her partner appears to help her with the daycare, however, she hasn’t stated if her better half works at the daycare.

Much of the information about James is inaccessible on the internet, but he is fighting for his life as you read this after being shot by his partner in an apartment last week.

Even though James is supposed to endure the shooting injury he sustained to his leg and head. He could quickly recover and get back on his feet soon.

While certain people seem, by all accounts, to be searching the web for praise for James, it is inaccessible in light of the fact that James is perfectly healthy.

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