Shane Gillis Returned To Saturday Night Live: Shane Gillis’s SNL Comeback

Shane Gillis 2

In a surprising turn of events, comedian Shane Gillis made a comeback to Saturday Night Live nearly five years after being fired due to a backlash over racist and transphobic jokes. However, his return didn’t unfold as many might have anticipated.

Last night’s monologue left the audience and viewers with mixed feelings, as Gillis navigated through his performance without dwelling much on the controversy or the trajectory of his comedy career.

Shane Gillis 2
Shane Gillis

Shane Gillis Returned To Saturday Night Live

Gillis, known for his edgy comedy, didn’t indulge in gloating or confrontational jokes regarding his past. As reported by NPR, he humorously discouraged the audience from Googling him if they were unfamiliar, setting a tone of cautious humor.

The monologue unfolded with uneasy moments, marked by slight stabs at being provocative. Gillis ventured into territory such as joking about the relationship dynamics between little boys and their mothers and shared anecdotes about individuals with Down syndrome being among the happiest people he knows.

As the monologue progressed, Gillis appeared increasingly uncomfortable, even for a comedian whose stage persona embraces a certain level of awkwardness. He acknowledged moments where he expected bigger laughs and commented on the well-lit environment of the SNL studio, suggesting a possible disconnect with the audience.

As one source notes, his attempts seemed aimed at addressing the criticism without delving into the controversy surrounding his past podcast remarks.

While this may have left some viewers wondering what the fuss was about, others argue it was Gillis’s way of speaking explicitly to his core audience, distinct from his more mainstream comedic projects like his Netflix special or Saturday Night Live.

The Hindustan Times provides insights into Gillis’s attempt to insulate himself from potential backlash by presenting content that may seem less controversial. Yet, for those who had delved into his past podcasts, the monologue felt like a missed opportunity to provide clarity or insight into the controversy.

The article suggests a sense of cynicism as Gillis explored themes around race, family, and societal issues, potentially aiming to appeal to a broader audience.

Shane Gillis’s SNL Comeback

The internet’s reception of Shane Gillis’s SNL comeback has been a mixed bag, with positive and negative reviews circulating. Some viewers appreciated the toned-down comedic content, acknowledging Gillis’s attempt to adapt to the SNL platform.

Positive comments on social media highlight sentiments such as “the best monologue on SNL in over 20 years” and recognizing the humor as “uncomfortably funny but funny.”

On the flip side, negative reviews expressed disappointment and criticism, labeling Gillis as unfunny and upsetting. Some viewers took issue with his past remarks and felt SNL should have chosen a different comedian. The controversy surrounding Gillis’s firing resurfaced, with mentions of specific slurs he used in the past.


In the end, Shane Gillis’s return to Saturday Night Live delivered an episode that may have left viewers pondering the decision to have him host the show.

The reactions, both positive and negative, highlight the polarizing nature of Gillis’s comedy and the challenges faced by comedians navigating the fine line between pushing boundaries and avoiding controversy in today’s media landscape.

As the comedy landscape evolves, the question remains whether this comeback will help Gillis redefine his comedic identity or leave audiences questioning the choices made by SNL in inviting him back into the spotlight.

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