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Who are Rashad Jamal May and Shamar Alon Lark? Suspects arrested in Mall of America shooting Shamar Alon Lark and Rashad Jamal May, two suspects, were arrested in connection with the shootings at the Mall of America.

The two were captured on mall surveillance video fleeing a fight with four other people, during which Lark fired six bullets. There were no injuries as a result of the incident that sent shoppers fleeing and closed the mall.

Lark is now on probation after being involved in a September shooting at SE 26th and Delaware avenues. Lark left the scene of the encounter with another individual before being discovered in possession of a firearm. He was charged with unlicensed possession of a firearm.

Within a year, a similar incident occurred at the Mall of America. On December 31, 2021, two people received gunshot wounds as a result of an altercation on the third floor of the shopping center.

Who are Rashad Jamal May and Shamar Alon Lark?

Two suspects were reportedly captured in Chicago, according to police, following shots fired last week inside a busy store in the Mall of America.

The Chicago FBI Fugitive Task Force arrested Shamar Alon Lark, 21, and Rashad Jamal May, 22, during a traffic stop around 2:25 p.m.

Denesh Raghubir, 21, of Minneapolis, Selena Raghubir, 23, of Bloomington, and Delyaniie Kwen-Shawn Arnold, 23, of Burnsville were also arrested Monday and charged with aiding a felon. They are also responsible for helping the men out of the mall.

According to the allegations, May drove Lark’s car to the mall Thursday at 4 pm He was transported to the Bloomington Police Station after being abandoned in the parking lot. A gun holster and identification cards for the men were found in the trunk of the car when police officers searched it.

When authorities arrived at the scene of the shooting shortly before 4:20 pm, they found three cartridges inside the front door of the Nike store. A confrontation broke out before May and Lark momentarily left the store, according to security footage.

Lark came back and fired a pistol into the crowd. He pushed May through the north doors and into the parking lot of Ikea, out of view of the cameras.

The men were picked up by a Best Western bus at Ikea and taken to the hotel in the south. Police questioned the Raghubir bus driver. The last time he saw them, he said he left them and they were smoking outside the motel.

Arnold then called Selena Raghubir, the hotel’s deputy manager and his girlfriend, as well as the bus driver’s cousin. The couple finally spoke to May on the phone at 4:30 p.m.

A car with Selena Raghubir’s license plate follows the bus after it is seen picking up Lark and May from IKEA and dropping them off at the back entrance of the hotel ten minutes later.

Rashad Jamal May and Shamar Alon Lark

The two Christians who started the horrific attack at the Mall of America were reportedly Shamar Alon Lark and Rashad Jamal May.

Since the investigations are still ongoing, no further details about the accused are being made public. Both are African American by ethnicity.

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