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A 27-year-old Arizona man known as the “mullet scratcher” has reportedly been arrested for diving face down into a pond and disrupting play at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Sean Patrick McConnell was arrested on Friday, February 10, when he ran onto the 16th hole of the TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course after jumping from the general admission stands.

McConnell then ran through a player access tunnel to the 17th hole and disrupted the hotly contested Arizona Tournament. In viral social media clips, the streak can be seen wowing the audience by dancing on the pole with the flagpole in the hole. He eventually managed to elude the police before running towards the river. Despite many warnings, McConnell jumped into the body of water, wearing nothing more than his speedos and tennis shoes.

Sean Patrick McConnell Age

Sean Patrick McConnell is 27 years old.

Incident Detail

McConnell continued to swim in the pond and made it to the center before local police handcuffed him. The intruder has been charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, and failure to comply with the orders of a law enforcement officer.

The mullet boy, pouting in the booking photo of him, got his 15 minutes of fame after videos of his getaway went viral online. Reflecting on the bizarre incident, Arizona police released a statement saying: “He eventually complied and swam to the 18th hole where he was arrested.

He was never in any physical danger while in the water. He was never naked. In fact, we did.” . a public service announcement video on our YouTube and social media channels about staying out of the water and why. The water is reclaimed water.

It is not inherently dangerous, but it is not intended for human consumption, and it is not intended for humans to enter. And so we want the message to be clear that people need to stay out of the water for their own health. It’s also illegal.”

In a similar incident, a 10-year-old boy was approached by security after he ran onto the field during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 21-15 home win against the Atlanta Falcons in October 2022. The incident occurred after the second quarter of the game when the Buccaneers were lining up for an extra point after a Leonard Fournette touchdown run.

After his antics, the boy was bought near the sideline at Raymond James Stadium and was held for a few seconds before being evicted from the field. Eddy Durkin, a spokesman for the Tampa Police Department, revealed that the boy received a civil summons and was given notice to appear in court. The deputies said that her mother had several children with her and was confused about which one had invaded the land.

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