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A VIP relative cannot escape the constant consideration of the media and the public. In the same way, children like Savannah Jordan will be in the spotlight when her father has gained notoriety for being a terrible child.

Savannah is the second child of Stevie J and his ex-fiancée, Carol Antoinette Bennett. She has an older brother named Steven Jordan Jr. Her father, the unscripted TV star, is also a major record producer. Stevie is nicknamed “The Bad Boy” because of his embarrassments outside of his professional life.

Savannah Jordan is the daughter of Stevie J On November 24, 1998, Savannah Jordan was born and is currently 21 years old. Her mother, Carol Bennett, is a former record leader. She has been holding a life security position for the past several years. Carol and Stevie were once drawn in pairs.

Savannah’s family has one son, Steven Jr., who was born in 1997. He is currently a baseball player and wants to pursue a demonstration career.

After isolating herself from Stevie, Carol spoke over and over about her lack of child support fees. She guaranteed that he owed her a sum of 1.28 million dollars. In addition, Bennett said that she did not pay the charges for a considerable period of time. The case was later resolved.

Kin Of Savannah Jordan 1997 Grammy Award-winning record producer Stevie J has six children from various connections. Therefore, Savannah and Steven Jr. have four relatives; Dorian, Sade, Eva and Bonnie.

All of Stevie’s children are famous through online entertainment. Despite growing up in dangerous circumstances, Savannah is close to her father. Be that as it may, the data on her relationship with her other relatives are covered up.

Stevie J’s relationship history Stevie J has experienced numerous discussions with the bad boy with wild problems. His most memorable mother was Rhonda Henderson, who invited Dorian in 1995. That same year, Stevie became Sade’s father, but his mother was Felicia Stover.

Also, Stevie invited Eva out with an ex-girlfriend, Mimi Faust, in 2009. The youngest child, Bonnie, was born to Joseline Hernandez and Stevie in 2016. After isolating herself from Hernandez, Stevie bonds with her dearest companion. , Faith Evans.

Savannah’s Beef with Joseline Hernandez Savannah is a virtual entertainment star. On VH1’s unscripted TV drama ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.’ In 2016, she appeared in ‘Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood’. Furthermore, she also appeared in ‘Pass on It to Stevie’.

After all, Joseline and Savannah had burgers in 2017. On an episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Savannah told Mimi Faust that Joseliene definitely doesn’t have a decent impact on her father.

Later, the Puerto Rican princess herself criticized her through Twitter, calling her terrible names. Many people shot Hernández in the butt; as of that moment, the two are not adopting a positive perspective.

Savannah Jordan’s Total Assets The specific measure of Savannah Jordan’s total assets is not known. Her father, Stevie, is a tycoon with total assets of $5 million. This way, she probably won’t have to worry about her monetary condition. Furthermore, she is a web entertainment star and regularly appears on TV shows alongside her father.

Through online entertainment, Savannah shares photos from her photo shoot. Subsequently, she may be considering pursuing after proving her profession. In addition, she transfers images left behind by BMW and Mercedes Benz. In fact, her father might have given her those fancy vehicles.

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