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Last year, a Massachusetts suburb was shocked by the death of Sandra Birchmore, a 23-year-old Stoughton native who was pregnant when she killed herself, even more so as rumors about her relationship with three police officers who resigned from the department a year later began to circulate. Now, a 60-page report from the police department’s internal affairs division has confirmed that officers had “inappropriate relationships” with Birchmore for years before her death, and one of them may have been the father of the child. her.

“These men violated their oath and are unfit to serve as police officers,” Police Chief Donna McNamara told reporters at a news conference announcing the findings. “I stand before you today as an officer who is heartbroken and outraged by what has happened, and who promises that this chapter in the Stoughton Police Department and the City of Stoughton is over.”

Sandra Birchmore Age

Sandra Birchmore was 23 years old.

Sandra Birchmore Cause of Death

Matthew Farwell; his twin brother, William Farwell; and her supervisor, Robert Devine (all of whom McNamara is currently trying to decertify) engaged in “improper” misconduct with Birchmore, a vulnerable young woman who her loved ones said had idolized the local police since childhood. . McNamara added that two other men, another officer and a military recruiter, both anonymous, also had “inappropriate relationships” with Birchmore and that Devine also allegedly had “inappropriate contact” with a female student in a different youth program that he administered.

McNamara revealed to reporters that hundreds of digital messages, including explicit exchanges, between Matthew Farwell and Birchmore were uncovered during an internal investigation and date back years. According to people close to Birchmore who spoke to the Boston Globe, he told them that Farwell was the father of his child. Although her death certificate confirms that she was pregnant, it does not specify who her father was.

“She has always wanted to be a mother,” a family member recalled. “She was having this child. Why would she kill herself?

But those who knew her best said that even as a child, she too wanted to work in law enforcement, so much so that it was in a Stoughton Police Department youth program that Birchmore, who never knew her father and lost her mother, grandmother and aunt over a period of three years: she met Farwell, then 27, and began a relationship with him. She was 13 years old. Farwell’s friends told the Globe that he began having sex with the girl when she was 15, statutory rape under Massachusetts law.

Just two days after Birchmore was found dead, Farwell confirmed that he had had a sexual relationship with Birchmore in 2020, but told investigators the sexual relationship ended in October. The internal affairs report established that Farwell was one of the last known people to see Birchmore alive. In an interview with investigators, he mentioned visiting Birchmore’s apartment just before her death, but that he intended to end their relationship and all communication. He recalled Birchmore telling him the baby was due in September 2021 and, as for the timing, he could not have been her father.

Meanwhile, her brother and Devine, who recently retired, were also implicated in wrongdoing involving Birchmore. Devine has insisted he had no contact or “personal relationship” with the woman, but investigators discovered he messaged her on Facebook and broke code to meet her at a restaurant while on duty in December 2020. It’s worth noting that, in 2016, Devine had been demoted after an internal investigation found he ordered a subordinate to investigate a woman who was harassing him and attempted to lie about it to investigators. According to a report on that investigation, the woman and Devine had an extramarital affair some time before.

Farwell’s brother William, who also engaged in “communications” with Birchmore, was found to have shown incompetence and failed in his “attention and devotion to duty”. He also ran his and Birchmore’s names through law enforcement databases and violated policy by coercing the woman through text messages. It is not yet known how, as those details were removed from the report. He has not spoken publicly on the matter.

“Miss Birchmore was a vulnerable person, that she had a constant in her life from childhood: her unwavering admiration for police officers, for those who served in the military: uniformed people with oaths and duties to protect and serve. Admiration of her led her into relationships with men who are willing to take advantage of her,” McNamara said.

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