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Sameera Khan, a former beauty queen based in the US, has regularly supported Andrew Tate on Twitter. The former Miss New Jersey, who was once referred to as a ‘wife’ by Tate, describes herself as an ‘anti-wake journalist’ and ‘champion of femininity’ in her Twitter bio. She has more than 139,000 followers on Twitter.

Controversial online influencer and former professional kickboxer Tate, 36, was arrested along with his brother Tristan, 34, on December 29 in Romania as part of an investigation into allegations of human trafficking, rape and organized crime. . On Friday, a Romanian court held him in custody for 30 days.

Sameera Khan Age

Sameera Khan is 31 years old.

Incident Detail

Khan has been a longtime supporter of Tate and regularly uses the hashtag “FreeTopG” after his arrest. Tate called Khan ‘wife’ when she tweeted in support of him on December 14, 2022. She wrote: “I will continue to defend @Cobratate [Andrew Tate]….”

On December 31, Khan claimed on Twitter that he was hosting a Twitter space with the Afghan Taliban. She wrote: “We are hosting a Twitter space with the Afghan Taliban to discuss the detention of Andrew Tate. They are concerned about Andrew Tate and are asking if he is free yet.

They say Westerners need Andrew Tate because feminists oppress us.” .” Twitter Space allows users to have live conversations on the platform via an audio chat room, with certain people selected as ‘speakers’ and others as ‘listeners’.

According to to Daily Mail, it is still unclear what was discussed at the meeting or who, if anyone, from the Taliban was present. According to the Daily Mail, he hosted another Twitter space today to discuss the latest updates on the case. In the chat, Khan suggested that Tate’s recent conversion to Islam was a “threat to the establishment.” Speaking of his arrest, she said:

Clearly this is selective…the establishment wants to make his [the Tates’] views extreme by canceling them.” She added: “I’ve received death threats for my support of Andrew Tate…I’m used to it…but the attention I’ve received for this has been so much…and overwhelming.”

As reported by the Daily Mail, images have emerged of the two women who were arrested with Tate as part of the human trafficking and rape investigation, one of whom is a former sub-inspector for the Romanian police, while the other is the girlfriend of him Luana Radu, 32, previously worked at a police station in central Bucharest, but left the force eight years ago to pursue a career working in video chat rooms, which attract men from all over the world and have become become a lucrative industry in Romania.

Model Georgiana Naghel, 28, a US citizen, is described as a businesswoman and influencer who is believed to have been dating Tate for almost a year. Both women are accused of being Tate’s closest lieutenants, with prosecutors claiming they helped ‘coerce’ and ‘control’ at least six women into creating pornographic content on social media and helped keep them under house arrest ‘as prisoners’. ‘.

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