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Following their arrest, along with her father, for the ‘targeted’ double shooting of her ex-lover and his father in a dispute over custody of her kid, a British woman and her US serviceman husband have been freed by authorities, MailOnline can exclusively reveal. Samantha Stephen and her husband Paul Stephen, a US Airforce service member from Ohio stationed at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk, have been informed that they would not be subject to any further action.

Detectives are still questioning Ms. Stephen’s father Stephen Alderton about the deaths of Joshua Dunmore and his father Gary Dunmore. According to police, the emotional fallout from a custody dispute led to the shooting deaths of the Dunmores on Wednesday night in two different incidents in two villages in Cambridgeshire that were six miles apart.

Samantha Stephen and Paul Stephen Age

Paul Stephen is 53 years old.

Samantha Stephen and Paul Stephen Incident Detail

Police were notified of gunshots, and when they arrived, they discovered Joshua, 32, dead at a residence in a posh newbuild neighbourhood in Bluntisham. His father Gary, age 57, was also discovered dead at his Sutton flat some 30 minutes later. The 66-year-old Mr. Stephen is charged with plotting to kill the father and son. According to MailOnline, Mr. Dunmore had been having a good time this week after blocking his ex-girlfriend and her husband from moving his son to America.

Friends reported that he showed up at a local boxing club thrilled on Tuesday after learning the good news and was eager to spend a week with his son over Easter. During a sting operation involving two police agencies on a white Peugeot 208, the arrests were made early this morning. A shotgun was also found by the police. One of Mr. Dunmore’s pals left this sincere tribute near the police cordon: “To Josh.

I find it hard to believe I’m typing this. This last week was intended to be a time of celebration for you and your beloved son. ‘I hope you can rest well knowing that you put up a fight every day for [the boy]’. He will always be aware of how much you did for him. “I will remember to pick up my smile like you often advised me when I had a resting bitch face at the gym,” she said in reminiscence. If you and your clever methods are gone, SIBA will never be the same.

“Keep grooving up that jerk.” I adore Harli. He was an extremely compassionate person, a close friend told the Newspaper. According to Cambridgeshire Police, the killings on Wednesday night had a “domestic element” and they thought the two were the targets of a “targeted attack,” with the custody dispute being a “active line of enquiry.”

Her father was seized after a dramatic capture operation on the M5 near Droitwich, Worcestershire, more than 100 miles distant, where police used a stinger device to stop a white Peugeot. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen were detained at a hotel close to Cambridge in the early morning hours. Apparently, a shotgun was discovered.

According to Chief Superintendent Jon Hutchinson, no more suspects are being sought in connection with the incident at this time. t became pretty clear why this attack may have occurred once we discovered that family connection, and it is obvious that this was a targeted and isolated attack. Josh Dunmore was discovered dead at a property in Meridian Close, Bluntisham, after police were called to reports of gunshots, according to the police chief.

He continued: “A line of enquiry that we’re focusing on is that those people who are in custody are known to the deceased and have had recent contact with
Josh Dunmore was discovered dead at a residence in Meridian Close, Bluntisham, where police were summoned to complaints of gunshots.

According to him, the two people detained at the hotel were “from the local area, but we’re trying to identify where they have been staying in recent days.” He also said that forensic work was being done to determine whether the same weapon had been used at both locations and that a legal ownership investigation had been launched into the firearm that was discovered.

There is no greater risk to the general people, said Detective Inspector Mark Butler of the major crime section. Josh’s redbrick home yesterday had a trampoline in the backyard and a white van parked outside. There were also flowers left. The two brutal fatalities in lush districts where family homes go for more than ¬£500,000 horrified the locals.

Just after 9 o’clock on Wednesday, designer Sarah Lown, 38, who lives close to the two-flat house where twice-married builder Gary Dunmore resided, heard three loud booms. I thought something had passed, she remarked. I didn’t believe anything bizarre had occurred. After that, I heard two more. There was a lot of shouting, according to Gordon Murray, 62, who lives across the street. I then came upon armed police.

Police in Bluntisham gave residents the go-ahead to stay inside as a helicopter swooped overhead. The community, according to 58-year-old retail worker Sharon Coulson, is “a great place to live, nice country walks, pleasant, everyone says hi.” There will be more policemen and crime officers on the scene today, according to Det Insp. Butler, and there will be a greater police presence in the affected neighbourhoods. There will be post-mortem investigations in the coming days.

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