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As the search continued for Samantha Humphrey, who went missing three months ago, a body was recovered in the Mohawk River in Schenectady, New York. Authorities have yet to confirm if the body found was that of Samantha. However, his family believes that the body found is that of Samantha. A family member of the teen also shared a social media post saying that the search for Samantha had now come to an end.

In the post, a family member wrote:Meanwhile, Police Chief Eric Clifford told CBS6 that fishermen who were  present near the river found a body around 2:37 p.m. on Wednesday. Samantha Humphrey, the 14-year-old, disappeared last year on November 25, 2022. According to Newsweek, she met her ex-boyfriend around 11 p.m. m. at Riverside Park.

Samantha Humphrey Age

Samantha Humphrey is 29 years old.

Samantha Humphrey Incident Detail

It was further reported that her ex-boyfriend was the last person she called and that she saw her alive. There have also been numerous reports that the two had a tumultuous relationship. Samantha Humphrey was also seen on surveillance camera footage shortly before midnight on November 25. In the pictures, she is seen wearing the same jacket that she was wearing when she left her house.

Jaclin Humphrey, Samantha’s mother, also said the teen had told her family and counselors at her school that her ex-boyfriend was abusive. An autopsy was reportedly performed on the body found in the river on Thursday. The results of the autopsy are expected to be released on Monday.

As soon as the family began to speculate that the body was Samantha’s, divers began searching the river Thursday for more evidence. On Wednesday, Stephanie Kegney, a family friend of Samantha Humphrey’s, shared a post on social media. In the post, she shared photos of the teen and wrote: In addition, she wrote that the police will release information about the case in the coming days.

Apart from this, Samantha’s family also started a GoFundMe in November in order to raise money to hire a private investigator to find her daughter. The goal of the fundraiser was to raise $5,000 and was organized by Jaclyn Humphrey.

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