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The drama never stopped, even when the cameras did. Although former ‘Teen Mom’ stars Ryan Edwards and his ex-wife Mackenzie Edwards were dropped from the show, the controversy never left them. Ryan was arrested two days after Mackenzie officially filed for divorce after six years of marriage. His wedding planner also received a restraining order and temporary custody of the two children: son Jagger and daughter Stella.

According to a news release from the Hamilton County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Department, he was arrested on March 1 for harassment and violation of a protective order. This isn’t the first time Ryan has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. His addiction problems led to him being arrested several times in the past. On Thursday, March 9, Ryan shared a post via Instagram that read, “It is what it is.”

Ryan Edwards Age

Ryan Edwards is 35 years old.

Incident Detail

The post was shared without captions, prompting many fans to flood his comments section. Keep scrolling down to find out what the post was about. Before sharing the controversial post without captions on Instagram on Thursday, March 9, Ryan’s last post, a photo of himself, was shared on February 19. While this post was vague and shared without captions, his words seemed to be emotionally charged.

It could be due to his arrest and charges against him for harassment. This post was not well received by Instagram users. They were quick to flood the comments section with negative opinions about the former reality star. “No, that’s what you did,” one user wrote, while another chimed in to say, “Go to treatment. You know we only go to 3 places. Corrections and/or death ??.”

Another user criticized him for not taking responsibility for his wrongdoing, saying: “His parents have enabled him since he was a teenager. He lived at home until he was with McKenzie. He didn’t pay Bentley child support and I never saw him. and his parents knew all of this. They paid multiple times for him to be in rehab. He won’t get better until he chooses to get better. He’s an adult.”

His post was not received positively at all. The fans and followers of the program are quite upset with his actions. This sentiment led another user to say, “Gather up.” Ryan and Mackenzie met while working out at a gym in Tennessee. Shortly after that, they got engaged in December 2016 and tied the knot five months later. Since then, they have been in the news for various reasons, including Ryan’s history of drug abuse and previous arrests.

But his most recent run-in with the law came two days after his ex-wife, Mackenzie, filed for divorce. He was granted a temporary custody and restraining order at the time of his filing in February. Despite being ordered to stay away from her and to have no contact with her now-estranged wife, he ended up sending her a text message nine days later and threatening her over calls as well.

Not only that, but Ryan also contacted Mackenzie’s father, Bob Standifer, even when they asked him to stay away from her. Mackenzie was quick to record these life-threatening calls and provided them to the police. This was the first time she had violated direct court orders. The second time was on Wednesday March 1 when he was booked for harassment and violating a protection order. To top it off, he was also found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and two bags of suspected narcotics.

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