Rielle Hunter Daughter: How Many Children Does Rielle Hunter Have?

Rielle Hunter Daughter

In the world of politics, scandals often capture headlines and leave lasting imprints on individuals involved. One such story is the relationship between Rielle Hunter and John Edwards, which resulted in the birth of their daughter, Frances Quinn. Let’s delve into the details of Frances Quinn’s life and explore the aftermath of this scandal.

Rielle Hunter Daughter
Rielle Hunter And Daughter

Rielle Hunter Daughter

Rielle Hunter, the former campaign aide to politician John Edwards, gained media attention not just for her involvement in Edwards’ political campaign but also for their unconventional family dynamics. At the heart of this story is their daughter, Frances Quinn, born in February 2008.

At the age of 7, Frances Quinn is described by her mother, Rielle Hunter, as “amazing” and “very loved.” Hunter, in an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show, shared some insights into her daughter’s life. She revealed that Frances Quinn is a cheerful child who “sings all the time” and exudes happiness.

Frances Quinn’s unique family history includes her father, John Edwards, admitting paternity in January 2010, well after her birth.

Edwards, who was married to the late Elizabeth Edwards at the time of Quinn’s conception, publicly acknowledged his paternity in the midst of a presidential run in 2007. Despite the scandal and subsequent separation from Hunter, Edwards is described by Hunter as a “great dad,” maintaining regular contact with Frances Quinn.

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Hunter expressed her gratitude for coming out of the scandal with a beautiful child, stating, “And I’ve forgiven myself, and we’ve moved on.” This glimpse into Frances Quinn’s life sheds light on the resilience of a child growing up under intense public scrutiny.

How Many Children Does Rielle Hunter Have?

The acknowledgment of Frances Quinn’s paternity by John Edwards was not an immediate revelation. Edwards initially denied fathering a child with Rielle Hunter. However, he later released a statement to The Associated Press confirming his paternity, saying, “I am Quinn’s father.”

The scandal surrounding Frances Quinn’s birth unfolded as Edwards’ former aide, Andrew Young, initially claimed paternity before the 2008 presidential primary contests began. Young is set to release a book detailing the scandal, providing further insight into the complexities of the situation.

Frances Quinn was born on Feb. 27, 2008, suggesting conception in mid-2007, months after Hunter stopped working for Edwards. Despite the affair and subsequent acknowledgment, Elizabeth Edwards, John’s late wife, stood by him, expressing indifference to whether he fathered a child with Hunter.

In a statement released to the public, Edwards expressed regret for initially denying paternity and affirmed his commitment to providing love and support to Frances Quinn. He acknowledged the financial support he had been providing and hoped for forgiveness from his daughter in the future.

Harrison Hickman, Edwards’ longtime political adviser, shed light on the complexity of the situation, stating, “There are a lot of adults involved.” He added that Elizabeth Edwards felt it was important for John to acknowledge his paternity, emphasizing the difficulty of the times.


The story of Rielle Hunter and John Edwards, intertwined with the life of their daughter Frances Quinn, is a testament to resilience and the complexities of family life in the public eye. Despite the controversies and challenges, Hunter emphasizes the strength of their bond as a family, highlighting the love and support they continue to provide for Frances Quinn.

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