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Police officers are now delving into the murder of Bill and Peggy Stephenson, an elderly couple, who were found beaten and stabbed to death on May 29, 2011, inside their home in Florence. Investigators say there could be a possible connection between the Stephenson murders and the Delphi murders. Investigators into the Delphi murders believe Richard Allen “was not the only actor involved” in the girls’ deaths and are currently investigating other possible suspects.

They also claimed that, similar to the Stephensons case, the Delphi murders killing Liberty German and Abigail Williams were understood to be “raised”, with both having lost a lot of blood. William and Peggy Stephenson were found murdered inside their home in Florence, Kentucky on May 29, 2011. The couple’s body was found by a family member because William, aka “Bill,” failed to show up for Sunday service at the Truckers Chapel or services held at Union Baptist Church.

Richard Allen Age

Richard Allen is 71 years old.

Incident Detail 

Detective Coy Cox, who heads the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, said he has been “cautious and careful” about the details he has revealed from the beginning. He also added, “There wasn’t a room in that house that wasn’t staged. There were no signs of forced entry, and neighbors who lived in close proximity did not report seeing or hearing anything unusual that night.

Meanwhile, both victims were found in two separate rooms, and the only thing that was obvious to investigators was that the killer or killers had spent a lot of time at the crime scene. “Bill never met a stranger, and Peggy was so sweet and soft-spoken. They were kind, warm-hearted people who wished no one more than joy. They didn’t just talk about loving people, they lived it,” she said.

One of his friends. The killer had also written a message after killing the duo. “The scene that [the killer] wanted to find, and not the crime scene,” Cox said. He also added: “There were things that were maybe on the end tables or on the shelves that were shifted, altered, moved, rotated. “There were items that seemed to have no significant meaning in different rooms.

Most of the items that were left in the scene appeared to be things that were likely in the residence.” “The DNA is not suitable for genealogy or phenotyping at this time,” Cox said. “We hope that will change in the future.” “Hundreds of persons of interest have been interviewed in this case in fourteen states. However, no significant findings have been obtained thus far.

Police also had concerns about some of the serial killers. “Samuel Little was in Columbus, ( Ohio) and was arrested. in April 2011 and released about five days later. So, on May 29, 2011, Bill and Peggy were murdered. He was not picked up again until June 2011 in Louisville, and traveled on foot. He hitchhiked. Well, if you draw a line, especially with Interstate 71, guess where it went at some point.

And it just so happens that he’s right in that magical window,” Cox said. However, the case is still not closed. Cox said: “It was a very complex, brutal and disturbing crime scene. We think it was, you know, a very quick surprise attack. There was blunt force trauma. There were things that were done to their bodies that were horrific…

They changed a number of things at the scene, which is very, very unusual for any crime scene anywhere in the country or the world. There was plenty of time when the perpetrators, the killers, either stayed home or felt comfortable returning to the scene,” Cox said. “We had received information from an individual about the Delphi murders in Indiana, and they had said, ‘For all For these reasons, we believe it may be the same person who was involved in the Stephenson case,’” Cox said.

He then added: “There are things that will really interest you in a case, just more than someone saying, ‘Hey, we think this person might have been involved.’ But we had a little piece of information that really made that case specifically interesting to us.” Cox said. The investigator also said, “I’m not going to tell you what that item was,” Cox said. ”

We were in northern Indiana recently, investigating this guy, following him, looking for things, gathering all the information and evidence that we would need. at least to vet it to the best of our ability with our case. He was cooperative… We were able to go that route with him, and he articulated a good reason why that [item] could have existed.”

He further suggested: “We received information from Indiana related to some people, and we sent it to them… We did not send them the information that led them to Richard Allen. We sent them information that may have had some parallel consistency with where they are with that case in this time,” Cox said. “I know it sounds a bit cloak and dagger, but I’m sorry. We’re not going any further with that…”

He also added I want to fix it. I don’t want to say it’s more special, but it’s definitely a very special case, and I’d really like to get it resolved. , as we would with all of them, obviously… but yes, this one has a little extra. The officer also added: “We’re still hopeful, just hopeful that they’ll present the correct evidence that they need, and you know, a confession would be great, but we’re just, we’re just still hopeful that they’ll figure it out,” Beth said. Someone deserves to pay for what they did.”

Cox also said they’ve been getting advice from all sides. He said: “The advice that we’ve gotten in the last 24 hours from people in Indiana, regarding the Stephenson case, is just insane,” he said. As I speak now, my information line has gone off twice and two emails have arrived.

I was going through some of them last night and there are some tips my partner and I are going to spend a lot of time researching and making calls because some of them are pretty good […] they provide at least some reason to connect things to the Stephenson stuff with possibly what happened in Indiana.”

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