Rhona Emmerdale Husband, Rhona and Ivy Emmerdale Relationship Explored

Rhona Emmerdale Husband

In the dramatic world of Emmerdale, Rhona Goskirk has experienced a rollercoaster of relationships and marriages. Recently, the soap took an intense turn when Rhona kidnapped her daughter, Ivy, leading to legal complications and potential consequences. Let’s delve into the intricate web of Rhona’s marriages and the latest twist in her story.

Rhona Emmerdale Husband
Rhona Emmerdale Husband

Rhona Emmerdale Husband

Rhona’s romantic journey in Emmerdale began with her first husband, Gus, who was introduced to the ITV soap recently. Their marriage, dating back to 2001, ended bitterly in divorce. Following her split with Gus, Rhona found love in Marlon, but a surprising revelation led to a shift in her relationships.

In a surprising turn of events, Rhona discovered she was pregnant with Marlon’s baby, Leo, in 2011. Rhona, Marlon, and Rhona’s best friend Paddy decided to co-parent the child. This arrangement led to Rhona and Paddy getting married in 2012, making him her second husband. However, their relationship faced tumultuous times, ultimately resulting in a permanent split in 2016 after Paddy’s affair with Tess Harris was exposed.

Rhona’s next marriage was with Pierce Harris, Tess’s widower, in 2017. This marriage took a dark turn when Pierce raped Rhona on their wedding day. The brave vet reported the crime, leading to Pierce’s imprisonment. The traumatic experience left Rhona scarred but determined to move forward.

Rhona and Ivy Emmerdale’s Relationship Explored

In a recent episode, Rhona faced a challenging situation involving her daughter, Ivy. Gus, Ivy’s legal father, allowed Rhona and Marlon to look after Ivy for the day while he prepared for their move to France. However, when Rhona realized Gus wasn’t going to let her co-parent Ivy, she took a drastic step.

Confiding in Charity, Rhona decided to fight for Ivy. She informed Marlon that she was taking Ivy for a walk but, in reality, packed her belongings and kidnapped the baby girl. Marlon was shocked to find Rhona and Ivy missing, lying to Gus about their whereabouts.

Rhona And Ivy Emmerdales Relationship Explored
Rhona And Ivy Emmerdales Relationship Explored

Ivy sharing Rhona’s DNA, legal experts warn of potentially severe consequences for Rhona’s actions. Beverley Jones, a Partner in Family Law at JMW Solicitors, stated, “In this instance, Rhona would be arrested. Kidnap is a criminal offense, and despite her biological connection to the child, she took the child without the consent of the legal parents, Gus and Lucy.”

Jones further explained, “Rhona would not have an automatic right to make an application to the court due to her not being a legal parent. While she might be given permission based on her biological connection, the kidnapping would likely harm her case, and Gus may oppose her application, fearing abduction again.”


Rhona’s journey in Emmerdale has been filled with love, loss, and unexpected twists. As the kidnapping storyline unfolds, viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the resolution of this gripping narrative. Will Rhona face legal consequences, or will the complexities of her relationships take a surprising turn? Only time will tell in the ever-evolving world of Emmerdale.

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