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Country music singer Reba McEntire has opened up about the 1991 plane crash that turned her world upside down and how she got her life back together after the harrowing tragedy. The 67-year-old country music icon recalled the sad plane crash that claimed the lives of eight members of his band and crew members in March 1991. The band members were leaving San Diego after a concert when their plane the jet crashed.

Fortunately, Reba was not present on the plane, as she was scheduled to leave the state the following morning. Mourning her death, Reba told People that she “never blamed God” for losing her, but that she “has questions when I get there.” Cappello, keyboardist Joey Cigainero, drummer Tony Saputo, guitarist Michael Thomas, guitarist Chris Austin, bassist Terry Jackson, and vocalist Paula Kaye Evans, as well as the two pilots Donald Holmes and Christopher Hollinger.

Reba McEntire Age

Reba McEntire is 67 years old.

Incident Detail

McEntire, who was devastated by the news of the plane crash, admitted that there were times when she doubted herself and questioned her career as a performer. But she comforted her heart with the belief that they had only gone to a better place. “I didn’t know if she was going to be able to continue,” McEntire said. “But she showed me how precious life is, and by the grace of God and my faith, I realized that they were going to a better place.”

“From that I learned that you have to take it one day at a time and be very grateful for the things that you have,” she added. “Tell the people in your life how much you love and appreciate them.” Trying to cope with the tragedy, McEntire went on to channel her grief into her album ‘For My Broken Heart’, in honor of those who died. The album was released eight months after the accident and remains her best-selling album to date.

‘For My Broken Heart’ features hit hits like “Is There Life Out There”, “The Lights Went In Georgia” and “The Greatest Man I Never Knew”. Then, a month after the release of her album, McEntire starred in a movie called ‘The Gambler Returns’ alongside her late friend Kenny Rogers. She revealed that the movie experience “saved my sanity”. While filming the movie, she also met her now-boyfriend, Rex Linn, though the two didn’t start dating until years later, in 2020.

“I made an appearance on the Young Sheldon TV show, which she appears on,” says Ella McEntire. “He said, ‘Let’s go to dinner when you’re done.’ And I said, ‘Okay!’ He made me laugh out loud on our first date, which we didn’t even know was a date.” Now, McEntire says she and Linn, who play husband and wife in the final season of the ABC drama “Big Sky,” are “virtually inseparable.” “He’s the love of my life,” says McEntire. “We are a wonderful team.”

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