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In an ongoing investigation, police are searching for a 31-year-old Texas mother, Raven Yates, accused of leaving her children at home for nearly two months. The Roman Forest Police Department issued a warrant for her arrest.

According to authorities, Yates is charged with two counts of abandonment/endangerment of a child with no intent to return. The Roman Forest Police Department said the Texas mother left her 12-year-old daughter and three-year-old son alone on September 28, 2022.

Raven Yates Age

Raven Yates is 31 years old.

Incident Detail

Yates was reportedly last seen in Mobile, Alabama, and it is believed to still be in the area. The Mobile Police Department is assisting in the search for Raven Yates along with officers from the Roman Forest Police Department. As previously mentioned, the Roman Forest Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Raven Yates for leaving her children at home for nearly two months.

According to reports, her children were left alone since September 28, 2022 and did not have enough food or medicine. The children’s father, who lives in California, allegedly called police on November 14 and alerted them to the situation.

He also flew to Texas from California. When her 12-year-old daughter asked her father to send them food regularly, she realized that Raven Yates had probably abandoned the children. Upon arriving at the residence, she found that the children were healthy.

However, authorities found no food in the fridge or on the shelves. The Roman police discovered that the children were not registered in any school. Additionally, it was reported that Raven Yates has a third child, a 14-year-old daughter who allegedly ran away to Mobile, Alabama, to her grandmother’s house.

ABC News reported that all three children are currently with her grandmother in Mobile. Yates’s mother saw her alone in Mobile, and that was reportedly the last time she was seen. The police believe that she is still in that vicinity. The Mobile Police Department is also assisting in the search for Raven Yates. Despite the charges, the 31-year-old Texas mother was recently found active on social media. Aside from an Instagram post, a video was recently uploaded to Raven Yates’ Facebook account, which she captioned with:

Several netizens have raised concerns about the matter on various social media platforms, stating that what she did was unethical or that she doesn’t deserve the children. The arrest warrant was issued on December 6, 2023, but police have yet to locate the 31-year-old Texas mother. Authorities have urged anyone with information on Yates to contact them.

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