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Sixties sex siren Raquel Welch died peacefully at the age of 82 on Tuesday, February 15. She was a well-known actress and is considered Hollywood royalty with her work in movies like ‘A Million Years BC’ and ‘Fantastic Voyage’ taking her all over the world. fame. She even won a Golden Globe in 1973 for her performance in ‘The Three Musketeers.’

Yet despite her accolades and impressive acting career, there was one thing Welch dreaded: getting old. it was this that made her fear the natural process. Welch had also opened up about it, saying that she hated getting older and losing her good looks as she got older. As the years passed, Welch had been painfully aware of her fading youth.

Raquel Welch Age

Raquel Welch was 82 years old.

Raquel Welch  Cause of Death

She had spent a lot of time under the radar and when she was seen on the streets again, she looked unrecognizable. Fans took to social media to express their surprise at how different the actress looked when she was younger. Many had started commenting on her weight gain, assuming it had to do with her medications.

“Being an aging sex symbol is not exactly a picnic. If they call you old, you feel like it’s over,” Welch said of her fear of aging. She mentioned that things got worse when she started experiencing mood swings, depression and a great lack of energy, she also said that she spent a lot of time crying on the floor and attributed it to her aging, according to a report by Amomama.

However, Welch had come to terms with the aging process as the years passed. “But if you can’t have fun as a sex symbol that gets old when you hit 60, I don’t know what will become of you,” she said. The actress had taken hormone treatments to help with the effects of menopause and she had also managed to grow into herself as she aged by thinking positive thoughts.

“Then you walk past a mirror and say, ‘Uh-oh, that face isn’t going to launch a thousand ships, and that body isn’t that good either.’ No one can be the most beautiful girl in the world. It’s just a fairy tale moment,” she said of the deterioration in appearance with age.

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