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A two-year-old girl tragically died after being swept away by floodwaters as her parents desperately tried to save the family during the calamity. Ivy Collins died on Tuesday, February 14, when her parents, Ella and Jack Collins, attempted to evacuate her and her older sister, Imogen Collins, from her family home in Eskdale, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. .

Jack and his wife, Ella, who is pregnant with their third child, woke up around 3 a.m. m. Tuesday and found her house rapidly filling with water after disastrous rains from Cyclone Gabrielle. The couple frantically grabbed their daughters and tried to leave when a huge wave crashed into their one-story home. The family somehow made it through the darkened house and attempted to climb onto their neighbor’s roof, according to the Daily Mail.

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Ivy Collins was 02 years old.

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“They were trying to come up with a plan, they had a few minutes, trying to get the dogs inside, get the pets organized, and then this wave came along that increased the water in the house significantly, about halfway there. walls,” the boys’ uncle, Adam Collins, told the NZ Herald. Ge added: ”

At that point, they knew they had to get out. It’s a one-story house, they had no roof space.” Adam said that Jack and Imogen were able to climb onto the roof, but Ella and Ivy were knocked over by the tidal waves. “He doesn’t know if he’ll come back … he finds her wife floating and manages to get her back to safety … but by then they had lost the little girl,” Adams said.

He continued: “There’s nothing they could have done…she had her on her shoulders and she slipped off her, her feet came out from under her.” Ivy’s distraught father spent hours searching for her little girl, but search and rescue members located her body on Wednesday, February 15, not far from where she was torn from her mother.

She confirmed Ivy’s death in a Facebook post, saying: “Our youngest daughter Ivy drowned and died in the flash flood, she was almost two and a half years old, it was an unavoidable accident and she died very quickly. Search and rescue found her body, and Jack and I have identified her.

She is with the medical examiner before being taken to our chosen funeral home.” She added that the disastrous flood destroyed her home, her precious garden and all of the family’s belongings. “The water was about 10 cm from the roof of our house and it rose extremely quickly and violently,” she said. She added: “We couldn’t get to higher ground because of a sudden torrent of water that nearly drowned us all and carried Ivy away.”

The mother described Ivy’s father as “a fucking hero” who made tireless efforts to save the family and neighbors. “Jack is the only reason he, I, Imogen and our neighbors survived. He is literally a fucking hero and one day I will tell you all about everything he has done,” she wrote in the post.

After the tragedy, a Givealittle page was also organized to raise money for the Collinses to start a new life. The fundraiser has raised nearly $70,000 in just 14 hours. “She and her family have no home to return to, the beautiful gardens that she had worked with so much love on are gone, a land full of vegetables and fruits to feed her family is gone,” organizers wrote in the publication. “Hugs, love and thoughts to all of you, and please donate big or small, it will all mean a lot to them… like giving to the people who now deserve our help,” the post added.

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