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According to a statement, a 20-year-old man shot and killed the mother and grandmother of his 2-year-old daughter at an apartment complex west of Pine Hills on Friday morning as he was engaged in a custody battle for the child. defendant jury. According to the complaint, Radrick Francois grabbed his daughter and rushed into his apartment after shooting Tanga Owens, 20, and Tanishia Starr, 39, in a KIA vehicle.

Around 11:30 a.m. on Friday, he called authorities to a shooting at the Lake Sherwood Apartments in the 1700 block of London Crest Drive. They discovered Owens and Starr with gunshot wounds inside the KIA. They were brought to the hospital, where doctors declared them to be dead.

Radrick Francois Age

Radrick Francois is 34 years old.

Incident Detail

Surveillance footage from the scene showed Francois conversing with the women in the car while sporting a Count Dracula sweatshirt from Sesame Street. The affidavit claims that he then shot the automobile before escaping with the youngster. Additionally, an 8-month-old infant who was in the car with them was unharmed. Francois, a resident of the apartment block, was named as the suspect by the detectives.

According to the affidavit, Owens’ relatives said that she and Francois were engaged in a custody dispute over her children and that he had previously threatened to murder her. Finally escaping the apartment, where the 2-year-old girl was discovered safe, was Francois. Francois stated during a police interview that she unintentionally shot Starr and shot Owens in self-defense.

She said that Owens treated him disrespectfully. Owens was armed, according to Francois, and she had to take the rifle away from him. He claimed she was handing the gun back to him when it went off after she stole it from him after he had gotten the girl out of the car. The affidavit claims that the video contradicts this.

The Sesame Street sweater and 9mm bullets were found in the apartment thanks to a search request. He asserted that the reason the gun was found was because “Flex” removed it from the scene. Francois is being held without bond in the Orange County Jail while being charged with two first-degree murders.

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