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Sarah Ferguson has been by Prince Andrew’s side during the public fallout from the civil sexual abuse case brought against him. The couple are still living together decades after their divorce and will soon be joined by the late Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved corgis.

The Duke and Duchess of York presented the late monarch with two dogs of her favorite breed after her husband,Prince Philip, died in April last year. What’s intriguing, however, is that the former couple are still living together even though Ferguson, affectionately known as Fergie, had to deal with the shame and disgrace stemming from Andrew’s notorious friendship with the late pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein, whose “sex slave” Virginia Giuffre accused the royals of sexually abusing her in the early 2000s after she was trafficked to him when she was between 16 and 17 years old.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson Age

Prince Andrew is 62 years old.

Incident Detail

“They still live together at Royal Lodge and she [Fergie] talks enthusiastically about him,” Shannon Felton Spence, a former British public affairs officer and royal expert, told Fox News of Andrew and Ferguson, “And now they’ve been joined by the the queen’s corgis. She constantly talks about how she got the most attractive prince. They’ve had an extremely close relationship.”

The outlet reported that Fergie’s apparent fondness for her ex may have something to do with the fact that the couple continued to focus on raising their two daughters together, Princesses Eugenie, 32, and Beatrice, 34, after divorced in 1996.

Fergie and Andrew, both 62, were married from 1986 to 1996. “By all accounts, the Yorks are a very close-knit family,” Spence explained. “A real unit. The Epstein scandal will have been very difficult, particularly for his daughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, and at a time when they were starting families of their own. I imagine the Duchess’s main concerns were her daughters and her grandchildren through him. everybody.”

Giuffre sued Andrew in 2021, accusing him of sexually abusing her on three occasions when he was under 18 after being trafficked by Epstein and disgraced British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. In February this year, both sides announced an out-of-court settlement, just a month before the royals were to be deposed in the case. In March, they signed an agreement to officially dismiss the civil sexual assault case brought against the royal after he allegedly paid more than $16 million to settle the lawsuit. The exact amount of the settlement was not disclosed in court documents, but was reported by the Daily Telegraph as $16.3 million. It’s important to note that Andrew has vehemently denied the allegations, which forced him to relinquish royal titles and sponsorships to him.

MEAWW previously reported how a protester was arrested on Monday, September 12, after he interrupted Andrew during the Queen’s funeral procession held at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland. The man was later identified as Rory, according to Holyrood magazine. He reportedly yelled, “Andrew, you’re a sick old man,” before being rushed to the ground by surrounding mourners. The young Scotsman then yelled “disgusting” and then told a police officer: “Hey, I haven’t done anything. wrong.” The crowd continued to shout “God save the king” as the officer led the man away from the scene. Police later revealed that the trespasser had been arrested “in connection with a breach of the peace on the Royal Mile”.

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