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Paulina Maldonado, a neighbor who knew the couple for almost 15 years, said via her son who was translating that Pedro and Rosa Pineda were together for over 2 decades. Maldonado and the Pineda were still in touch when they moved from their previous home near the International Marketplace a few years ago. It was learned that Pedro was a construction worker and Rosa would babysit, including Maldonado’s children. Oscar Maldonado said that they (her sister) would call her Rosy and that Pedro was a stoic man who mostly kept to himself.

Oscar said, “She was like a second mother, very nice and nurturing.” The couple’s family called Paulina Maldonado to inform them about the tragic incident. About 10 members gathered at the home, holding hands and leaning their heads to pray for the deceased couple, and some had papers in their hands trying to figure out the funeral service. The initial plan is to hold a ceremony at a church and then for the couple to be buried at Concordia Cemetery at 2703 S Meridian Street. Pedro and Rosa are survived by 2 daughters, who refuse to comment at the moment. The GoFundMe page says the daughters’ names are Isabelle and Evelin.

Married victims of Indiana shooting

Greenwood Police Chief Ison announced earlier on Monday, July 18, in a press conference that the Greenwood Park Mall shooter was identified as Jonathan Sapirman, a 20-year-old local man. His rampage came to an end when a 22-year-old man, Elisjsha Dicken, whipped out his legally owned handgun and shot down the shooter. However, in the process, Sapirman claimed 3 lives and injured 2 people.

The victims identified are Pedro Pineda, 56, Rosa Mirian Rivera de Pineda, 37, and Victor Gomez, 30. Out of the 3 victims, one was a couple, Pedro and Rosa. The couple was from El Salvador and had moved to Indianapolis many years ago, as per their neighbors. Many friends and family members of the couple gathered at the Southeast side family home to pray for the departed souls, where they told the IndyStar that Pedro and Rosa would often go to the Greenwood Park Mall to spend their time together. It was also told that the couple liked eating in the food court, which is where the shooting took place.

It was explained by Chief Ison that all the weapons that Jonathan Sapirman owned were legal and that his family explained how he would regularly go to a local firing range and practice. Sapirman used Sig Sauer Model M400 5.56-caliber rifle, purchased on March 8, 2022, for the shooting. Apart from this, he had 2 more weapons – an M&P15 5.56 rifle and a Glock 33 3.57 caliber pistol. The shooter had no adult criminal records but had some juvenile records when he came face to face with the law twice – once after a fight in his school, and second when he ran from his home. As of now, it’s unclear whether Sapirman’s victims were a deliberate choice.

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