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A mother was granted a 12-month community order and banned from seeing her son for 18 months after it was discovered that she violently attacked and harassed him for being in a relationship. Pauline Randles, who apparently has “empty nest syndrome,” reportedly began her nasty deeds after her son, PC Simon Randles, who is in his 30s, began living with Pauline’s girlfriend. her, Lauren Stocker.

The 57-year-old is said to have punched Simon, who works as a British Transport Police constable, on her leg and punched her in the face, and also blamed Stocker for “taking it away from her.” ”. Additionally, she sent disturbing text messages to the man that read, “I wish you would get an abortion, I wish you would get fired from your job.”

Pauline Randles Age

Pauline Randles is 57 years old.

Incident Detail

After being reported to law enforcement officials and being charged, Pauline pleaded guilty to criminal damage, harassment and assault charges in Warrington Magistrates Court. She was asked to pay a $138 (£120) fine and was given a 12-month community order. She was also ordered not to meet her son for a year and a half.

Prosecutor Ashleigh Simpson said, as reported by The Daily Mail, “The defendant began threatening him that he would overdose if he did not attend to his needs immediately. She took some tablets and was taken to the hospital for check-ups, but she was released the same day. The complainant says that the defendant did not like the fact that he was in a relationship. He said numerous times that her girlfriend had taken him away from her and that her behavior was getting worse all the time.”

Simpson explained: “When he dated his girlfriend, the defendant pretended she was going to kill herself. On one occasion she showed images of a kitchen knife on a step with a message that read: ‘I’ll kill myself with this’. The son was constantly receiving text messages from his mother, including: ‘I wish you were dead,’ ‘I wish you got an abortion,’ and ‘I wish you were fired from your job.'”

“There were also suicide threats knowing the effect it would have on the complainant. He suffers from anxiety and depression. She said that he had recently been admitted to the hospital, which she attributes to the stress of constant communication with the defendant. He told her not to contact him multiple times and blocked his number,” the prosecutor noted.
She said the woman even went to Stocker’s brother Ronald’s house and when Simon arrived to settle the matter, she made a scene there too. “When she got to the address in a car, she saw her mother on the sidewalk and she went up to him and said, ‘Why are you here? Why is Lauren here? If I see Lauren, I will kill her. The girlfriend tried to leave and she could see that the defendant was angry. The defendant then stood in front of the car only for her son to grab her hand and pull her out of the way. She tried to resist kicking him in the leg and punching him in the face. She had no injuries, but she had to hold her down. The defendant kept trying to kick him while he was doing this,” Simpson said.

“Mrs. Randles was doing everything she could to maximize her son’s fear and distress. The defendant used suicide threats to harass and emotionally abuse him. Mr Randles has applied for a restraining order with a term: simply that she is not to contact him by any means,” he added.

Defense attorney Howard Jones supported her client in mitigation, saying: “Mrs. Randles has been struggling recently with her son’s new relationship. She was very supportive of her mother, but she eventually left her home address and she had a hard time accepting it. She obviously felt very isolated and she said that the new girlfriend prevented her from going around and helping with anything. She was becoming more isolated and depressed and she was drinking.”

“It seems to me that the catalyst for the offenses in court is something that could have been avoided. She needed to download an app of hers on her mobile phone to help her track her gas and electric utility bills and she didn’t know how to do it. She wanted her son to install the app but he refused to do so and as a result it was agreed that her brother would take care of this particular matter. She waited outside her brother’s house, but he wouldn’t let her in.

Simon Randles then appeared with his girlfriend and the defendant said, “Okay, I’ll talk to the new girlfriend.” The girlfriend tried to walk away from her but my client stood in front trying to stop that from happening. Simon Randles used a police restraint on her mother and she struggled a bit and was trying to get him off of her. In my opinion, it was a very light assault. She didn’t want her son to go to court, so she pleaded guilty. She is very frustrated about the whole situation.”

Jones added: “This is an elderly woman isolated in her home with no prior convictions in a frustrating position. She then sent some text messages that she regretted from then on. It is perhaps unfortunate that the police did not originally speak to Ms. Randles and warn her about her text messages before she reached the stage of being convicted of this offence. A restraining order will be like a bullet to her heart, because that period will include Christmas.”

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