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Paul Brown, 41, diced with death after he rocked up to the cliffs at Outdated Harry Rocks in Swanage, Dorset, and decided to give it a go because “it looked easy.” The foodie and social media critic tours the country every Sunday on his Super73 e-bike and dines at the finest Michelin star restaurants on Britain’s coastal fronts. The vlogger admitted he’s been having nightmares ever since but the episode has not put him off his food. As he decided to cliff walk on Old Harry Rocks but immediately bottled it and admitted he will stick to burgers because it was too scary. Brown confirmed he was “more of a food blogger than a YouTuber”.

In the heart-stopping video footage, Brown attempt the “walk of death” before realizing he will die if he makes even a ‘silly mistake’. The online vlogger filmed the video showing the cliff’s rocky terrain and terrifying 160-foot drop on either side. He said, “I was on a bike ride and stopped off at Old Harry Rocks and then saw there were signs warning people but they weren’t that dramatic.” The YouTuber walked up to the vertical rock face in just his trainers and his favorite American football kit but then froze and began to inch away from the cliff. In June 2022, a man who attempted to walk on the Harry Rocks slid down the grassy bank and landed on his back after a terrifying 120ft drop. The man further managed to get on his feet and clamber uphill to join his friends.

Paul Brown Age

Paul Brown was 41 years old.

Paul Brown Cause of Death

The podcaster then tried to crouch down to get his bearings and slowly turned around before getting up and walking towards the mainland. He could be heard saying, “Okay, I don’t like it” to his two friends, who were standing behind him as they watched him climb the cliff. Brown said, “The road looked steeper than it looked.” He continued: “When I got to the edge I thought wait a minute, ‘there’s a 50 meter drop to the left and to the right, one silly mistake and I’m dead.'” Although Brown is one of many daredevils to attempt this impressive feat, some visitors have nearly fallen off the cliff.

Brown was dying when he tried to crawl around the edges of Old Harry Rocks. He told MailOnline: “I’ve never been afraid of heights before, although when I went to the Hoover Dam it scared me. But I thought it looked easy. When I started walking I realized I didn’t like it.” The reason I’d like to talk about it is to save other people’s lives in the future, it’s the edge of a cliff, but you don’t realize how scary it is until you cross it. It looks like it’s a well… well traveled road, lives could be saved if crossed, there should be a barrier or fence there.”

He further added, “I like nature, so I’ll do whatever nature throws at me.” ; I have no plans to do anything as crazy as that again, unless someone wants to sponsor me! Of course other people might, but maybe not me.” Now, thinking about it, I didn’t realize how bad it was. I’ve been having nightmares ever since, but I still managed to eat my food. The most dangerous thing I did before Ukraine was to deliver medical supplies. Paul Brown is mostly famous for his food vlogging, the London foodie has a massive 109,000 TikTok followers and 17,000 Instagram followers on his @paulbrown_uk account. The enthusiast admits that he will only stick to food vlogs and will not try to put his life at risk again as the experience was too terrifying.

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