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The segment of the late American soccer player Pat Tillman being shown at Super Bowl 57 has sparked controversy online. On Sunday, February 12, fans were excited for the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. However, the final portion of pregame time was set aside to honor captains who received scholarships from the Pat Tillman Foundation.

Prior to this, the stadium audience and those present at home were shown a video of Tillman depicting him as a patriot. who gave up his promising NFL career to join the US Army after the 9/11 attacks. The footage featured him as someone who “died in the line of duty” and had narration by Kevin Costner. Reportedly, he was killed by friendly fire in 2004.

Pat Tillman Age

Pat Tillman was 27 years old.

Pat TillmanĀ  Cause of Death

The video tribute did not sit well with several Super Bowl fans who criticized the Champions League for not telling Tillman’s true story of his ideologies and his death. After Pat Tillman’s segment was shown during the Super Bowl pregame segment, netizens were clearly upset.

Several users criticized the Champions League for not showing the true story of him and instead presenting him as someone who gave up his NFL career to serve his country. At the time of writing, the Super Bowl has not addressed the Tillman controversy.

Born on November 6, 1976, Pat Tillman was originally from San Jose, California. He had two brothers and had always been a natural athlete. He played championship football during his high school years, which earned him a scholarship to Arizona State University.

In 1997, he was named Most Valuable Player (MVP) after leading his team through an undefeated season. A year later, the Arizona Cardinals selected him in the NFL and he became a famous player. However, after the 9/11 attacks, things changed for Tillman and he joined the US Army in May 2002, turning down a three-year contract worth $3.6 million from the Cardinals.

He and his brother trained and were deployed to Iraq in 2003. According to All That’s Interesting, Pat Tillman was not in favor of the Iraq war. He had prepared to be sent to Afghanistan, but he was not happy when it changed to a different country.

Tillman had wanted to fight al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, but the George Bush administration had changed his plans to track down Saddam Hussein and his alleged weapons. According to Defactor, he too described the invasion as “all bullshit” and had even planned to meet with Noam Chomsky, the anti-war intellectual.

According to reports, he was killed by friendly fire on April 22, 2004, while deployed to Afghanistan. His fellow soldiers shot him three times in the head, but the military reportedly fabricated a false story that he was killed during an ambush in southeastern Afghanistan. It was only a month after his death that the Army announced the shocking news.

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