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After police recovered bodies from the pastor’s New Life Church as part of an investigation, Pastor Ezekiel Odero has recently generated a lot of media attention. Following a report concerning bodies previously taken from the New Life Church, the authority went to the Milele Funeral Home nearby the Pastor’s church in Kilifi County.

Johnson Amani Kea, the CEO of Milele Funeral Home, cooperated with the investigation but made it clear that he was not the one who reported. The funeral parlour reported that some of the preserved bodies belonged to people who may have passed away while seeking spiritual treatment for medical diseases.

Pastor Ezekiel Age

Pastor Ezekiel’s age is Unkown.

Incident Detail

The incident has drawn a great deal of public interest. As a result, there have been a lot of inquiries about Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s personal life. The entire material is compiled in this article.Pastor Ezekiel Odero is married with children. He is wed to Sarah Odero, his wife.

Sarah Odero, Ezekiel’s wife, works with him in his church ministry as a pastor.The Odero couple met while working at Mombasa, according to Tuko News. At the time, Ezekiel was employed as a mason. They were instantly attracted to one another and started dating. After spending some time together, the couple decided to get married and have a family.

However, it wasn’t simple for them when they first started dating. Ezekiel Odero once said that Sarah’s relationship with his family was unwelcome. The Odero couple’s marriage was rejected by Ezekiel’s family since they believed Sarah was illiterate due to her primary school dropout.

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Ezekiel asserted that all he saw was Sarah’s beauty and his love for her. The Odero couple encountered financial challenges in addition to resistance from the family. When the Pastor went to ask for his future wife’s hand in marriage, he admitted that he could not afford to buy much. At the time, he was still having money problems.

Instead, he just brought two goats and a Ksh 15 ring. The relationship was finally supported by Sarah’s family, despite initial opposition. The couple has experienced their fair share of ups and downs over their more than ten years of marriage.Pastor Ezekiel Odero and his longtime partner, Sarah Odero, are the proud parents of three kids.

A son who was one of their children was adopted. After the wife of Pastor Ezekiel’s brother died during childbirth, the couple decided to adopt a son.The other two are Ezekiel and Sarah Odero’s biological children. The five-person family lives in Mavueni. It is in the same location as the pastor’s New Life Church.According to unverified rumours, the New Life Church pastor is among the richest preachers in Kenya.

Ezekiel Odero appears to have accumulated a sizeable fortune, even though the specifics of his net worth have not yet been made public.According to rumours, Pastor Ezekiel Odero bought a 65-acre estate in Mavueni, Kilifi County. According to reports, the land is worth millions. Nevertheless, the Pastor appears to have accumulated a sizeable fortune through his work in the church.

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