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After the mother of a 2-year-old Oklahoma girl was recently apprehended thousands of miles away with no evidence of the child, police in the Midwest are anxiously looking for clues in the case. The Indianapolis Police Department stated earlier this month that Oaklee Mae Snow, who is 2 feet tall, 35 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes, was thought to be heading to Indianapolis with her mother, Madison Marshall, when she was first reported missing on Jan. 19.

Investigators claim that when Marshall departed for Indianapolis, she was joined by her 7-month-old son Coleton Snow and her 25-year-old boyfriend Roan Waters, according to a story from the Indianapolis Star. Zachary Snow, the father of Oaklee and Coleton, is said to have admitted to investigators with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office that on January 19, Marshall and Waters took the kids without his consent from his home in Oklahoma before running away to Indiana so they could stay with Waters’ mother.

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Oaklee Mae Snow is 02 years old.

Oaklee Mae Snow Incident Detail

According to reports, the gang arrived in Indianapolis some time between late January and early February. They then started residing in a house that Waters’ mother owned south of the city’s centre. While they were residing there, Oaklee Snow’s legs were covered in several bruises, and Waters’ sister claimed to have verbally argued with the pair when she went to see her brother and Marshall, according to the Star.

After the fight, the couple reportedly told the sister to leave the house. Informing Waters’ sister that they had to take Oaklee to the hospital after she banged her head while bouncing on a ball, Marshall and Waters left Coleton Snow alone in the house on February 9, according to the Star.

However, the sister reportedly informed police that she did not see Oaklee with them when the pair returned to the house and then contacted Child Protection Services after seeing the couple enter. The infant “did not appear to be moving, talking, or crying,” according to witnesses in the area who observed Marshall and Waters leave the house that night clutching “what appeared like a child wrapped in a blanket,” according to the Star.

“They said she was either dozing off or unconscious. She wasn’t moving,” J.T. Palmer of Seminole County told the NBC affiliate in Oklahoma City, KFOR. According to Palmer, the house the pair was observed leaving was referred to be a “crack house.” Also, it was allegedly said to detectives by relatives and friends that they phoned every hospital in the region but were unable to locate any evidence of Oaklee being checked in.

The couple finally travelled to Colorado, where on March 3 police from the Greenwood Village Police Department detained Waters at a hotel on the basis of an outstanding Oklahoma bench warrant issued in November. According to investigators, Marshall looked to be a guest at the hotel with Waters but wasn’t present at the time of the arrest. There were also no indications that the couple was taking a holiday, according to the Star.

According to reports, Waters admitted to authorities that he, Marshall, and the two children left his mother’s house outside of Indianapolis, travelled to a different residence where they engaged in drug usage, and then abandoned Coleton Snow in Indianapolis. According to The Oklahoman, the child was later taken by Waters’ sister and sent to CPS, who then gave him back to his father.

Police said that although Waters was “unable or unwilling” to tell detectives where Oaklee was, he informed his mother that he assisted Marshall in “taking her off somewhere” without going into further detail. According to jail records, Marshall was apprehended on March 23 in Harnett County, North Carolina, as a wanted felon on charges of neglecting a dependant.

As she awaits extradition, she is being jailed on a $800,000 bond. The Oklahoman claimed that despite numerous interviews with detectives, they are still unable to find Oaklee. Officials requested anybody with information on the case to call Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-8477 or the Missing Persons Unit of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department at 317-327-6160.

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