Nitasha Kaul Husband: Who is Nitasha Kaul Married To?

Nitasha Kaul

In the realm of academia and activism, Professor Nitasha Kaul’s life has been under scrutiny, especially concerning her marital status. The question “Who is Nitasha Kaul Married To?” has been a topic of intrigue and speculation.

While she is known for her academic prowess and vocal advocacy on various issues, her personal life, particularly her marriage, remains shrouded in mystery.

Nitasha Kaul
Nitasha Kaul

Nitasha Kaul Husband

Nitasha Kaul is rumored to be in a secret marriage with Dibyesh Anand, a prominent advocate for gay rights. Anand’s active involvement in LGBTQ+ causes and his outspoken stance on issues related to India have earned him attention.

The duo has been seen together, participating in interviews and attending seminars critical of India. An Al Jazeera interview on the CAA protest showcased their shared commitment to social causes. Despite their public engagements, information about their marital status has been intentionally kept private.

Recently, Professor Nitasha Kaul faced a controversial denial of entry into India, raising eyebrows and sparking discussions about the reasons behind the decision. According to DatMNews, she was sent back to London from the Bengaluru airport based on “orders from Delhi.”

The denial of entry led to a series of events where Professor Kaul vehemently countered the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) claims that she is anti-India.

In a tweet thread, Professor Kaul addressed various allegations made against her: “Re all the lies, I am not married to a Pakistani, not Muslim convert, not a pawn of China, not a puppet of the West, not a commie, not a jihadi, not a Pak sympathizer, not a terrorist supporter, not anti-India, not part of a gang. I am what authoritarians fear – a thinking woman.”

Who is Nitasha Kaul Married To?

Professor Kaul described her experience as harrowing, emphasizing that the humiliation was not hers alone but reflected the insecurities of the Indian government. Her post on Editorji urged readers to “think beyond walls of hate” and to understand her thoughts before rushing to condemn. She stated, “It’s hard, but it’s possible.”

According to the UK national, she was invited by the Karnataka government to speak at the ‘Constitution and National Unity Convention -2024’ on February 24 and 25. However, she was denied entry without any clear explanation, attributing it to her outspoken opinions on democratic and constitutional values.

Kaul expressed her frustration, stating, “My travel & logistics had been arranged by Karnataka & I had the official letter with me. I received no notice or info in advance from Delhi that I would not be allowed to enter.” She shared details of her ordeal, spending hours at immigration, followed by 24 hours in a holding cell.


The controversy surrounding Professor Nitasha Kaul’s denial of entry into India has brought attention not only to her personal life but also to the broader issues of freedom of expression and dissent.

While her rumored marriage to Dibyesh Anand remains speculative, the incident has fueled discussions on the treatment of intellectuals critical of the Indian government. As the dust settles, questions about the motive behind her denial of entry linger, underscoring the need for open dialogue and respect for diverse perspectives in a democratic society.

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