Nicole Murphy Boyfriend: Meet Nicole Murphy’s Partner Warren Braithwaite

Nicole Murphy Partner Warren Braithwaite

The world is in mourning as Hollywood socialite Nicole Murphy faces the heartbreaking loss of her partner, Warren Braithwaite. Braithwaite, who had been publicly linked to Murphy since last year, succumbed to cancer, leaving a void in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

This tragic news surfaced on March 2, triggering an outpouring of love and tributes on social media platforms.

Nicole Murphy Partner Warren Braithwaite
Nicole Murphy Partner Warren Braithwaite

Nicole Murphy Boyfriend

Nicole Murphy, a former model, actress, and producer, had shared glimpses of her profound love and connection with Warren Braithwaite through intimate posts on Instagram. Their relationship, which became public in July last year, showcased the couple’s deep affection for each other.

Videos and photos captured moments of joy, including their last New Year’s Eve party and Murphy’s birthday celebration, underscoring the strength of their bond.

In the wake of Braithwaite’s untimely death, friends and loved ones turned to social media to pay tribute to the generous and spirited man he was. One friend expressed the depth of their friendship and shared memories, stating, “Lost a good friend, a brother, a childhood friend today.

We gonna celebrate ur life way over the top cause that’s who u were!!! Rest easy!!” The tributes highlighted Braithwaite’s generosity, unwavering support, and his impact on those around him.

Nicole Murphy’s Partner Warren Braithwaite

While details about Braithwaite’s battle with cancer remain scarce, some reports suggest he owned a construction company in Los Angeles.

The couple’s last public appearance together was during the Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas, where they appeared healthy and content. The sudden loss has left fans expressing condolences, reflecting on the couple’s apparent happiness and the tragic nature of Braithwaite’s passing.

Despite the public nature of their relationship, Nicole Murphy has not addressed the passing of Warren Braithwaite publicly. However, she disabled the comment section on her Instagram posts, signaling a desire for privacy during this difficult time.

The absence of public statements from Murphy adds an element of mystery to the circumstances surrounding Braithwaite’s death.


As the news of Warren Braithwaite’s death reverberates through social circles and among fans, the focus remains on celebrating his life and the love he shared with Nicole Murphy. The tributes pouring in from friends and family reflect the impact Braithwaite had on those fortunate enough to know him.

The story of Nicole Murphy and Warren Braithwaite, though marked by an untimely end, serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring nature of love and the strength found in companionship during life’s most challenging moments.

s we mourn the loss of Braithwaite, we also celebrate the beautiful moments he shared with Murphy and the legacy of kindness and generosity he leaves behind.

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