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A man who appeared as a contestant on Come Dine With Me was found dead at his home by his brother, according to an investigation. Nicholas Paul Blything, 36, of Winsford, Cheshire, was found dead at his home along with two suicide notes on June 15, 2022.

The inquest, at Warrington town hall on Monday (January 9), heard how Nicholas’s sister had initially raised concerns with brother Richard that he had not been in contact, before Richard found him dead in a room in their house.

Nicholas Blything Age

Nicholas Blything was 36 years old.

Nicholas Blything Cause of Death

The 36-year-old was unemployed at the time of his death and had been diagnosed with PTSD, and had been suffering from mental health problems for “several years”. The inquest also heard how he had previously been sectioned under the Mental Health Act after an incident in North Wales on April 8, in which she told a friend of hers that he “could jump off a cliff”. .

At the inquest, area coroner Claire Welch confirmed that her brother Richard found her body in a room in her house on James Clarke Road, Winsford, reports CheshireLive. A Cheshire Police statement from Detective Sergeant Paul Davies, read by area coroner Claire Welch, said: “Nicholas’s brother, Richard Blything, had attempted to speak to him after his sister raised concerns that Nicholas was not had been in contact.

It was Richard who found him and provided police with formal identification. “He had entered the property without the key because it was unlocked and had gone to check on the neighbors, who had a spare key. When He went in, couldn’t hear the dog barking, which was unusual, and found his brother in the bedroom upstairs.”

Two suicide notes were also found at the scene. A dog crate was also found on the bed and Sergeant Davies said the pet was being cared for by friends. It was revealed that Nicholas, who was unemployed at the time of his death, had been diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and had been suffering from mental health issues for ‘several years’.

He had previously been sectioned under the Mental Health Act after an incident in North Wales on April 8, in which he told a friend he “might as well throw himself off a cliff”. Since then he had been receiving treatment and was in contact with his GP, the local mental health team and had made several calls to the crisis line.

But statements from his family and his medical professionals said he had been “improving” and there were no signs he intended to take his own life, despite suffering from anxiety and a bad mood. A statement from Richard Blything, read out by Ms Welch, said: “In recent months, after the incident in April and being sectioned by the mental health team, he had been depressed and anxious about his future. But once he started on antidepressants, her mood improved.

“The mental health team asked Richard if he thought Nicholas would take his own life, to which he said ‘no’ because he never really felt like he would. In the days before he passed away, he was Very optimist. “He picked up his parents’ dog, picked up plants for his yard, had been mowing the lawn, cleaning his house, tidying up his grocery store, said he’d had a good weekend and was going to catch up with him (Richard) at the week. Richard said it seemed like his sister was “going back to the best thing he’s heard for years.”

Ms Welch said Nicholas had been in a “dark place” in April, but he had been “on the mend”. She added that her brother said that Nicholas had been making plans for the future. She added: “Given the presence of a series of notes… I am convinced that there is no other explanation for his doing what he did on the day in question.”

She also told the nature of his death. it was evidence of an attempt to take his own life and she concluded that Nicholas had died as a result of suicide. The medical cause of death was hanging 1A.

After the Come Dine With Me tribute to Nicholas in November, several fans posted their own tributes to him in response. One person posted: “So sorry to read the sad news of your passing. You gave yourself 100% to Come Dine with Me and I can only imagine you lived your life that way.”

Another viewer wrote: “RIP Nicholas…just watched you on CDWM with my 16 year old son, saddened to read the final message…we thought you were brilliant and hoped you would win. Sending thoughts and prayers to his family and friends”.

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