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Nicholas Alexander Wiki – Nicholas Alexander Biography

Nicholas Alexander, professionally known as, The Captain Devo, (born 02 October 1993) is a music producer, businessman and a gambler. He is well known for his high-stake gambling videos and charismatic persona on live video streams.

The Captain Devo gained over 800K Followers in just 3 years of his career as a content creator. Besides, he joined the music industry scene in 2022 as a music producer, releasing his singles via major distributors such as Universal Music.

Nicholas Alexander Age

Nicholas Alexander is 64 years old.

Nicholas Alexander Family – Nicholas Alexander Fast Facts

What are The Captain Devo’s occupations?  The Captain Devo is a music producer, businessman, streamer and a professional content creator. Where is the birthplace of The Captain Devo? The Captain Devo was born in Rose Park, Australia. What is the networth of The Captain Devo?  According to sources, The Captain Devo has a networth of $1,000,000+



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