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Neena Pacholke, a 27-year-old News 9 anchor who killed herself on August 27, killed herself with a gun just 90 minutes after buying it at a Wisconsin gun store, it has been revealed. She had reportedly been struggling with various mental health issues.

The news anchor is survived by her mother, her sister, and her father. She joined the news station in May 2017 as a multimedia journalist. Pacholke graduated from the University of South Florida and was a former USF, Freedom High basketball player.

Neena Pacholk Age

Neena Pacholk was 27 years old.

Neena Pacholk Cause of Death

The Daily Mail reported that a friend of Pacholke’s had called 911 to ask police to do a wellness check. However, when the police arrived, Pacholke was already dead. Several officers went to her home that morning after she made multiple suicidal comments in text messages. A day before her death, a friend had removed all firearms from Pacholke’s home, considering her state of mental health. The night before her death, Pacholke Googled how he could end her life.

Pacholke was preparing to marry Kyle Haase in six weeks. Haase, 38, is a divorced father of two children. However, Haase reportedly broke up with her in recent days. Pacholke also reportedly discovered another woman’s panties in the house she bought with Haase. Pacholke’s friends told the Daily Mail that her relationship with Haase was not a happy one. “They were always arguing and it seemed like Neena was more in love with Kyle than he was with her,” a friend of hers revealed. Another friend claimed that infidelity was involved.

Pacholke also experienced tragedy in his teens. She reportedly lost her first love, Jordan Harris, to brain cancer in 2013. Her friends revealed that she was depressed and that her depression had worsened in recent months. Before her death, Pacholke told her sister in text messages that she was “broken” and that she “needed someone to talk to.” “He [Kyle] told me that he hates me and that he’ll feel like a million bucks once he’s out of his life,” she told her sister. In the minutes before his death, Pacholke wrote to Kyle: “I love you, Kyle. I always have and always will. As much as you screwed me up, I always had hope. I’m so sorry to do this to you, but I don’t anymore.” I can’t take any of this pain.”

At the time, Kyle was driving with his children. He responded upon receiving the message: “The police are there,” and a minute later he added: “If you don’t answer, they’re going to open the door themselves.” However, Pacholke could not be saved. She later launched a GoFundMe to collect donations for the Pacholke family. “We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of our beautiful Neena Pacholke this past weekend,” the page reads. “Neena radiated light and love wherever she went. She was a force of kindness, and her laugh and smile were contagious. She was a beloved morning news anchor on WAOW in Wausau, Wisconsin, and she inspired her community with her storytelling and positivity.” .

He adds: “We’ve created this GoFundMe to help collect donations for the Pacholke family as they make funeral arrangements. Any amount helps and we’d appreciate your memories of Neena in the comments below. Any additional money will go towards mental health resources. Thank you.” for your donations and for sending thoughts and prayers to the Pacholkes during this time.” At the time of this writing, she had raised $24,755 of the $10,000 goal.

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