NC Aquarium Stingray Pregnant: Female Stingray’s Mysterious Pregnancy

Nc Aquarium Stingray Pregnant Xray 1

A routine ultrasound at the Aquarium & Shark Lab by Team ECCO in Hendersonville, North Carolina, has revealed a captivating and puzzling event in the aquatic world. Charlotte, a resident stingray, is pregnant, and the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy have baffled experts.

This extraordinary occurrence, described as a “once-in-a-lifetime science mystery,” has garnered global attention due to its enigmatic nature.

Nc Aquarium Stingray Pregnant Xray 1
NC Aquarium Stingray Pregnant Xray

NC Aquarium Stingray Pregnant

The revelation of Charlotte’s pregnancy came through a Facebook post by the Aquarium & Shark Lab, creating a ripple of intrigue among marine enthusiasts. The announcement stated, “Our stingray, Charlotte, is expecting! We have held this close to our hearts for over three months.”

The staff initially kept the news confidential, conducting ultrasounds on Charlotte since September when she began to exhibit unusual swelling.

Female Stingray’s Mysterious Pregnancy

1. Parthenogenesis – A Rare Asexual Reproduction Process

One theory suggests the possibility of parthenogenesis, a rare process where eggs develop into an embryo without fertilization. Brenda Ramer, the executive director of Team ECCO, explained to ABC 13 News, “If the pups were produced this way, they will be clones of Charlotte.” This mysterious method of reproduction adds an extra layer of intrigue to Charlotte’s impending motherhood.

2. The Shark Connection – A Wild Theory

The second and perhaps more plausible explanation involves the introduction of a 1-year-old male white spot bamboo shark into Charlotte’s tank in July 2023. Staff noticed bite marks on Charlotte, indicating potential mating behavior. Dr. Rob Jones, the aquarium’s vet, confirmed that the stingray was carrying three to four eggs. Brenda Ramer shared, “We moved two one-year-old white spot bamboo males (sharks) into that tank. There was nothing we could find definitively about their maturation rate, so we did not think there would be an issue.”

Shark Mating Signs

The discovery of bite marks on Charlotte’s fins further fueled the theory of shark impregnation. Brenda Ramer noted that the bite marks on the edges of Charlotte’s fins were consistent with shark mating behavior. The revelation of this intriguing detail adds a layer of complexity to the mystery surrounding Charlotte’s pregnancy.

The Impending Birth and DNA Testing

Charlotte is anticipated to give birth to up to four pups at any time, given the typical gestation period for stingrays, which is between three and four months. The Aquarium & Shark Lab plans to conduct DNA testing on the newborns to determine if they are clones resulting from parthenogenesis or a “potential mixed breed.”


The enigma of Charlotte’s pregnancy at the North Carolina Aquarium has captured the curiosity of marine enthusiasts worldwide. Whether through the rare phenomenon of parthenogenesis or a captivating encounter with a male white spot bamboo shark, Charlotte’s pregnancy remains a unique and scientifically intriguing event.

As the world awaits the birth of the pups, the Aquarium & Shark Lab by Team ECCO continues to provide updates, promising further insights into this once-in-a-lifetime science mystery.

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